Thursday, March 1, 2007

a dream about a turtle

A few years ago, on a Sunday, I had a dream about a turtle. I dreamt that someone gave me a turtle as a gift. I wanted to loved it but I was too afraid of it. I liked it only when it was in its shell, like a rock. When it stuck out its head and looked at me with its eyes, I was sure it would get me.

I grew up with a marsh as my backyard. And I knew all about snapping turtles. Their necks were so long they were like snakes. And they did bite. And hiss. They were not shy, like the turtle in cartoons.

So, in my dream, I wished that I could love this turtle but I was really too afraid of it. This turtle seemed like a regular turtle, shy and nice. I just couldn't muster the nerve to be very near it.

When I awoke, I told this dream to Rich as soon as I woke up. I'm glad that I did because if I'd told him later, it wouldn't have been believable. That is because, later that morning when I looked out the window I saw a turtle crossing our neighborhood street!

I had not, and have not since, seen a turtle in our neighborhood. But there he turtle. It was as if he'd walked out of my dream and right onto the street.

I often think of that dream and wonder what it could mean. What other gifts am I given that I'm too afraid to use? Is there anyone in my life waiting for love that I'm too afraid to extend?

How about you?


The Tattered Nest said...

fear can be crippling...but love always conquers all! Have a great day..Gail

clarice said...

Ever since I was a very little girl, I have always had dream with animals representing my fears. The meaner the animal in my dream the more stressed I know I am. It is what I use as my barometer now. I also had a nightmare about a pit bull puppy and the next day I had one come form nowhere and jump in my lap. I can not tell you how much I freaked out. Clarice

heidi said...

not sure what turtle dreams mean...we got 2 baby turtles for our daughter on her b-day (they were the size of half dollars) a year later they were bigger than my husbands hand - obviously happy and healthy, but we gave them away. now they live like a king and queen in a huge tank with every possible thing a turtle could want! sorry, you got me going...

Miss Eagle said...

The Eagle came into my life in prayer 12 years ago as a precursor to a precarious existence. In the Bible in Deuteronomy 32 there is a passage in which God is described as an eagle and protecting the apple of his eye. That is what the Eagle has done for me. Two & a half years ago, because of ill health, I came to live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne with my daughter who already lived here. I checked on the Aboriginal history of the area and in Aboriginal Dreaming the Creator Spirit is Bunjil, the Eagle. The Local Authority area has a symbol of an eagle because of a famous local family who had such connections with the eagle in their ancestral home in Scotland. I think the Eagle has become a protective totem for me. I am happy to accept email from people who can tell me more about eagles and, in particular, the role of the eagle in Native American (USA) and First Nations (Canada) lore.

cruststation said...

What a wonderful story Amy, something to remind us that everyone needs love, not to be afraid to love. I used to own several terrapins, they were small and cute :)

Judy said...

I wrote a tribute to my grandma on my blog two years ago. My grandparents always had Boston Terriers. I hadn't seen one in years.

After I posted my story I went to work. When I left, a Boston Terrier was sitting right out side the door.

It didn't bite me (one of my grandma's bostons DID), so it almost felt like my grandma was sending her approval.

I haven't seen another since.

Considering that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, we really do need to pay closer attention to our dreams. Don't you think?

nel said...

What an amazing dream and story...How easy it is to let fear from the past stop us embracing something that could be wonderful now.

Dannielle said...

We have a box turtle that lives in our house. We found her in our yard 3yrs ago. She had been hit by a car and was badly injured. She's better now but can't go back to being a wild turtle because her shell can no longer close up to protect her head.

Anyway, my point is that Alice is a sweet, shy turtle just like the one in your dream. She has never, ever tried to bite anyone. Not even me when I was caring for her injuries (which had to hurt!). She is timid but will eat from your hand if you're offering earthworms or strawberries. :-)