Monday, March 12, 2007

a trip westward

For our 1oth wedding anniversary (coming up!), we are going to go on a little trip. We started planning it in earnest this weekend and we got a bit overwhelmed with all the little details. We decided to make an appointment with a travel agent this week.

We think we'll go first to Vegas. We've never been. We'd like to see Celine Dion's show and the Grand Canyon.

Then we thought we'd rent a car and drive to Los Angeles. We'll stay a couple of days there, do all the really touristy things like a studio and movie star tours.

Then we'll drive the Pacific Coast Highway up to Carmel, stay at Doris Day's Cypress Inn, and relax a little bit.

Do any of you have any suggestions for us? Anything we must see while we are in any of these places?


updycrafts said...

congratulations on your anniversary! I go to Vegas for market every year and the place to go is the Wynn (even if you don't stay here, please visit) there is so much detail in the decor, pom-poms on everything, flowers everywhere and the ice cream shoppe is so perfectly decorated you will spend more time taking pictures of the walls and ceilings than eating the ice cream! My sister and I saw Celine las year and it was the best comcert I have ever been to! I'm a fan, not a really big fan, but after that concert, you have a new appreciation for celine. Also, at the Wynn, see La Reve, again, the best show I have ever been to! Hope you guys have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Amy, if you email me I can give you lots and lots of suggestions as I frequent these areas (Los Angeles/Carmel) a lot! and I have many fun/favorite places to visit and eat. My email is - - -Karen Eropkin, Fresno, California

POPIN Sisters said...

Amy - I second what my sister said about the Wynn hotel, Celine, and LaReve. Those 3 are reason enough to go to Vegas!!! You will love them!
Happy Anniversary ~Jamie

Shabby in the City said...

Thought you'd never ask! When you pull into Monterey, by Carmel...go have a visit at the Green Gables Inn overlooking the ocean...we stayed there on our honeymoon and I'd kill to go back. Not you, of course :)

Carrie Sommer said...

If you are going to drive up the coast from Los Angeles, you must take a small detour. Check out Santa Ynez, it's just east of Santa Barbara - beautiful area with lots of little wineries. It's the area that was featured in Sideways, and even though it's been brought into the limelight by the movie, it's still one of our favorite weekend escapes. If you want some winery suggestions, email me.

Also nice, and along the coast, is Paso Robles, again, wineries and beautiful scenery!

If you get carsick, and plan on driving up hwy. 1, make sure you take Dramamine! Have a great time and Happy Anniversary!

June said...

I go to Las Vegas a lot (going again on March 29 for the weekend) and agree about seeing the Wynn, it's fabulous. The Beatles show "Love" is wonderful, too. Do try super hard to see the Grand Canyon, one of the most gorgeous sites in the world.

The whole drive along the PCH will awe you--pull over anywhere and just take in the beauty. I've seen a whale come up and gracefully dive again, its tail making the most graceful arc as the whale dove--the natural beauty of it made tears come to my eyes.

I've done the LA tourist stuff but I really liked La Brea tar pit which my husband thought was boring. But it's a bit of natural geological reality that seems quite at odds to its plastic fantastic Los Angeles setting. My goal is always to see something real and natural in my travels and I usually bring my binoculars and go birding--now that I think about it, that's a bit scary that we have to search hard sometimes for something real in the world these days.

Jerusalem said...

Congrats! We are coming up on 10 years as well. We want to do a "10 day for 10 years" road trip ourselves. I am sure wherever you go and whatever you do it will be lovely!

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary!! In Vegas, you must see a Cirque du Soleil show, specifically "O" at the Bellagio. If you've not seen Cirque, it is an experience that will leave you awestruck. Do some shopping at Fashion Plaza. Take a Craps lesson at Caeser's Palace.

Carmel is one of my favorite places. Be sure to go to Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn for a Spanish coffee by the fire pit in the courtyard bar. Head to the Mediterranean Market on Ocean Avenue to pack a wonderful picnic lunch for the beach. Take an afternoon and drive into Monterey to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium and John Steinbeck's Cannery Row. Take the 17-mile drive. Rent Clint Eastwood's "Play Misty For Me" before you go. It's a thriller that is set in Carmel.

Oh what fun you'll have!!

Maize said...

If you're driving the coast highway, make sure to visit Hearst Castle. It's incredible! Have fun!

Melanie said...

I second the Hearst Castle idea! It was AMAZING!

k8tykat said...

i third hearst castle. but make sure you get reservations before hand [you can do that on their website i believe] as there are several different tours and start times. the night tour is amazing however i would suggest the general tour as you see the rooms, the pool [wow!] and the exterior grounds. totally worth it!

kate said...

Carmel is the BEST! Absolutely beautiful!!!! Walk down Ocean Avenue- all the way to the beach- and back up and drive the 17 mile drive. You should try to go to SF and then drive across the Golden Gate and turn left andvisit the Golden Gate Headlands- one of the most beautiful places on earth! GREAT hikes!

michelle said...

The weather is gorgeous here in vegas.. 80 degrees and clear skies, baby! You must, must, must see "O" and visit the Wynn Hotel - it has the best front desk ever. Pretty much every hotel has a theme, from the Paris with it's Eiffel Tower to the Venetian Gondolas. Have a great time and congrats on your anniversary!

Lauren said...

Must see "O"!!! Also, after dark view the fountains at the Bellagio - you practically feel the force of the water as it is magical!
If you like live blues & jazz (oldschool type) then you must take a cab to The SandDollar - it's a dive but known among the locals as the BEST jazz!
Whatever you do, be safe and make many memories! Have fun!
Oh...and where did you get those gorgeous cupcakes for Kylie's teaparty??? Don't tell me you MADE them?! She's a lucky little girl - have a great day!

Vallen said... I did a post on a couple of places really worthwhile up in Carmel. But you can't go wrong really anywhere.

Casa Mia * My House * said...

Happy Anniversary! We just got back from Vegas. We watched Circle du Soleil's "O". There is so much to do, you need to see the Fountain at Bellagio, The Wynn Hotel, The Venetian, and pretty much all the hotels on the strip have something to see. Where are you staying? The Mandalay Bay hotel, Bellagio, Wynn have great pools. There is also a great lounge bar at Mirage called Revolution, check it out..... If you like shopping, check out the Premium outlets. Enjoy your trip.

Michelle M White said...

We lived in Carmel for two years. These are my reccomendations. Contact me if you have any questions. One of the best things in Carmel is the food! (BTW-I love your blog!) Michelle (

Casanova Restaurant-Carmel

Forge in the Forest-Carmel

Nepenthe-Big Sur
surreal views/atmosphere

The Tuck Box-Carmel
tea/scones-darling architecture

The Cottage Restaurant-Carmel
great breakfast/lunch

The Lodge at Pebble Beach-The Tap Room
fun for a drink/casual lunch or dinner

charlotte said...

Akkk...just left a long comment that disappeared, will try again. Congrats on your anniversary and also on all the super cute, cute things in the shop! Carmel is the ultimate romantic spot and all of Michelle's recs are excellent. We shot a lot of our MEHC garden book there and my mom lived there for 15 sure to go to Nepenthe, to Mission Ranch (owned by CE) and have dinner or a drink there looking at the hillside sheep grazing to the sea. Look at as many cottages as you are going to be swept away by their charm and darling-ness! Wonderful for you two! xoC

charlotte said...

and try to get to Pacific Grove houses, gabled Queen Annes, more to love!

Francie M. said...

O! O! O! YES you must see the Cirque de Soliel it is an amazing experience....and everything everyone else has said LOL.
congratulations and happy happy traveling....

Heather said...

The 7 Gables Inn is just down from the Green Gables. We have stayed there several times for anniversaries. It was in a VISA commercial.. ROMANTIC!!! Hope you have nice weather for your rip on 1.. stop in Nepenthe ( Big Sur) for a drink just to see the view!!!


Heather said...

Oh yeah, Hearst Castle!!!! Go there!! Take camera!!

Doojie said...

Hi Amy, You know (or might not) that I'm from Carmel, Monterey Peninsula. That's where we moved here from 10 years ago. I know lots and lots. I shall have to produce a lengthy list for you and give it to you at the Paris Flea Market. I can even tell you where the best places are to go to get to kiss Clint Eastwood on the lips like I did!! I might be able to hook you up with Doris, too, remember my dad's connection with her I told you about? We have so much to dish about and can't wait to catch up in person, too. Love, Stephanie ( ~shameless!)