Tuesday, March 6, 2007

snow? oh no

Unfortunately, my parents' stay came to a rather abrupt end. They left today. We didn't get a chance to go out for afternoon tea (scheduled for today).

There is a snowstorm being called for tomorrow. I don't really believe that it will happen. And I'm still stunned that they had to leave early.

I'm sitting here now, in my quiet house that is still fragranced with their scents and I miss them.

I have a project that I'm working on now. I'm hoping to show pictures by tomorrow.


Sarah and Jack said...

:-( I am sorry to hear that Amy.

Anonymous said...

Amy...I can totally understand how you are feeling! Some years ago I had been living in Denver and had not seen my family for two years. My Mom and my brother came out to visit the on the 19th of December.Plans were to stay until Dec 23 and then drive back to Minnesota. We were going to have our Christmas on the 22nd and open our gifts and a dinner was planned. On Dec 21 at 9AM there was a snowstorm warning for Denver and my Mom just freaked and my brother and my Mom had packed up and left by noon! The snowstorm never did materialize and I will never forget the empty and sad feeling I had for the entire Christmas holidays. Just do something really nice for yourself and find something to take your mind off your expectations. I so feel for you!

Mary Beth said...

Your mom is always your mom, no matter how old you are.
I love your blog!

Renee said...

Sad they had to leave early - wasnt very long at all. Keep busy and enjoy that fragrance they left behind. Looking forward to seeing the photos tomorrow. renee x

little lovelies said...

Oh! I am so sad for you, Amy! We could have a little tea party. I'll bring the bon bons and the little sandwiches and you get the tea all nice and hot and make your mom's yummy cake. And then we can have a nice sit down about moms and crafting and good books.

Cupcake said...

So sorry your parents has to leave early. I hate that sad, empty feeling in the house after company has left. Like all the life is sucked out for a little while.
Be kind to yourself today!

cruststation said...

So sorry that your parents had to leave early, I hope they will come back soon.