Tuesday, March 2, 2010

candy necklace making kit

I was so happy to find this at Michael's...we couldn't wait to make them today.

I put the candy beads in a mini muffin tin lined with bon-bon wrappers. Alfredo helped sort them.

We started out threading them with just the string but it is easily frayed. I found a blunt tapestry needle with a large eye and that seemed to be easier for him to use. After about 20 beads he stopped and said "You know, making candy necklaces is making me tired!" So I helped a little more to speed it along and before you knew it, we had a candy necklace.

Best of all, the kit makes 8 necklaces. We have 7 more to make!


Deb said...

Hi Amy
What adorable little kits! My children LOVED candy necklaces. My daughter is 25 now but I KNOW she would love to make one too :-D You're never too old for a candy necklace ♥
I've just read about your fabulous 39 squares idea and have gathered up my supplies to do a little catch up and play along! Thanks for the wonderful idea & inspiration.

Molly said...

Alfredo is too cute! I will have to pick up a couple of those kits for my brother and sister. They love candy necklaces!
~Molly P

Anonymous said...

Alfredo is so cute. His intensity shows with his tongue sticking out...concentrating. My son,now 19, did the same thing when he was doing things and concentrating, even drawing. I love it. Enjoy your family.


Lorrie said...

Alfredo's intent look shows how much he is concentrating. What a great shot.

I used to love candy necklaces when I was a kid. Something pretty to wear and something pretty to eat.


Kateyed said...

That comment just cracks me up. He sounds so old!I love the picture of him. It is one of the sweetest pictures I have seen. He is so precious!

Stevie said...

Those kits are pefect for little ones!

Lisa said...

How cute and how fun to make the necklaces! Alfredo is looking more and more like a little man and less like a baby - he is so handsome!

Jill said...

I love that picture of Alfredo with his little tongue hanging out-- he's concentrating soooo hard! So cute-- and a great activity1

Angela said...

Such a cute pic of Alfredo! I LOVED candy necklaces as a kid. Yummy & so stylish LOL!

Nancy said...

Love that little tongue sticking out. My 8 year old daughter does that! Love it!

James Henry said...

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