Saturday, March 27, 2010

more miniature gardens

My sister Jennifer has a birthday this week so I thought I'd make her a miniature garden. Alfredo redecorates it everytime he sees it. He especially likes to push the chair legs down into the gravel.

I made one for my mom too...can't wait for her to see it.

I found these great pots at Walmart...they're a bit smaller in diameter and deeper than the one I used for mine but I love the jolly colors. And only $15 each!

We're heading to my parents' house this afternoon. Rich, Alfredo and Omar are all out playing frisbee. Have a nice weekend!


Jill said...

Those little gardens are wonderful! Your mom and sister will be so thrilled! Have a great weekend!

Carey said...

wow, this is awesome. I would love to try this. This is just such a nice gift to give someone.

Annie said...

The gardens are nice and amazing.
I think I'm going to do one in the next weeks.
Great idea, great job and beautiful result.

Hugs, Annie.

ros said...

what fun these are - I think I will look for some little items to make one - they remind me of dollhouses

Diva Kreszl said...

these are just darling! where ever did you get that tiny furniture, is it doll house size??? I have several mini gardens I keep and love the idea of the miniature outdoor furniture :)

the decorated cookie said...

I LOVE this! This makes me want to learn how to garden (or at least learn to not cause plants to wither when I walk by). And I love the word "jolly"!

Natasha Burns said...

Totally adorable Amy!!! I think I should make one for my mum too! Great idea, thanks for the inspiration :)

Taylor said...

I love these, I've been meaning to make one for years now!

Whosyergurl said...

LOVE the mini gardens...LOVE the red chair! Where did you get the minis?
Makes me think of "eensy weensy spider..."
Hoosier hugs,

ferne said...

Amy I love your version of these miniature gardens. I found another blog that did a fun one using chia seeds. She is a Mom of 2 young children and has fun activities on her blog. You may have already found her, but just incase check her out at:

Have fun, today and everyday!


Ashley Schott said...

These are so incredibly neat! I just love them. What a creative and awesome present! They are sure to love love love them!

styledarling said...

These are SO inspiring!!! I absolutely LOVE them!! Great job!!

maryann said...

These are great! Thank you for sharing your adorable ideas!!

Amy M. said...

What lovely gifts! Wish I lived closer to you so you could help me make one!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

fiberdoodles said...

I am so in love with this! It is just adorable!!

Shannah said...

Oh! Please help those of us who are completely inept with plants... can we have a tutorial? SO lovely!

Janit Calvo said...

Love these! Great job!

Hey, I've got miniature garden kits that make it really easy. Make one and you'll know how to make more.

(Saw some comments that people wanted more info - would love to help!)

Janit Calvo

Saucy said...

Please wish Jennifer a Happy Birthday from me.


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

What a beautiful gift idea! We are making one for our daughter to play in this summer.