Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a week at the lake...

We're just back from our week at the lake, the best family vacation yet...

Adorable Shelby.

Fun in the lake.

Seth getting ready to race the gang. (Can you believe he's 10? Already?)

I love this picture of my sister Jennifer and Maggie sharing a laugh.

The walk to Swallow Falls just about did my folks in...but they were troopers.

On Wednesdays there's a fabulous farmer's market in Oakland. After shopping the market, we hitched a ride on this horse drawn bus.

Here's the whole gang of us, enjoying the firepit.

Darling Alfredo said it was the best week of his life.

Now it's back to reality as I'm digging out of my craft room. Thank goodness the hoarder police television people aren't in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summer fort

I was inspired by this a-frame tent, found via pinterest, to make a little summer fort/nook for Alfredo. I am also really inspired by all the pvc-pipe frame projects out there...we are seriously going to make that water sprinkler that you ride your bike through!

Okay, but back to the tent...

I had the idea that I wanted to make a patchwork "quilt" using fabric I had on hand, including some special fabric that I've been saving.

I'm not really so good with the sewing machine (it kind of hates me) so I only worked on it about an hour a day for about a week. I cut squares/strips of varying widths and then sewed them together to make a "quilt" that was about 5' x 8'. You could save yourself a lot of time by just using an old sheet. 

But isn't it bright and colorful?

I used a big needle threaded with baker's twine to make loops to attach the quilt to the pvc framework. For the framework, I used 1/2" pipe. The length of the framework is made with 3 pipes cut to 4'. The A part of the frame is made with 4 pipes cut to 3' (2 pipes each side). I used elbow connectors (4 total) to attach the base to those pipes. And I used 2 3-way elbow connectors to attach the top brace. Does that make sense? It was a lot easier than I'm making it sound. Oh, and best part of all...get yourself a handy pvc pipe cutting tool and you don't even need to fire up the saw. Easy peesy lemon squeezy.

I've been saving this lion fabric (above) and this Eric Carle fabric (below) for something for Alfredo. I think this is the perfect project. (And you should just hear him in there singing "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?")

I'm thinking we might take it with us to the'll make the perfect shady play tent for outside too!