Thursday, May 31, 2012

teachers gifts

As a thank you to Alfredo's preschool teachers, he made these fabulous necklaces! Can you believe how fabulously candy-like they are? All I did to get him started was to knot a length of fishing line to a clasp. I put out an assortment of jolly candy-colored beads in varying colors and he strung them on. I helped him space out the big beads. And, when we got to the center, I also helped him reverse the pattern that he created from the center bead out. But mostly, he made these himself. He is so proud of himself and already started a list of special friends he wants to make necklaces for. 

I found these cute clear plastic pillow boxes in my stash...they are perfect for gift giving because the receiver can get a peek at the gift without actually opening it.

And I made a cute tag from Claudine's fabulous paper line and a recent photo of Alfredo...isn't the sweetest little boy ever? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

happy go lucky stitchalong

I'm so happy to hear how many have signed up for my Big Picture Class!

Have you signed up yet? I'm not sure how much longer it will be available at just $10 (reg. $20) jump on it if you're interested.

It's a one week online workshop, offered June 21-27, with lots of fun videos and extras, including a couple of live chats! We'll be stitching an grid-style sampler, filled with all the things that make you happy. You could follow along, stitching the same squares I do, or take off with the inspiration you find and customize the sampler to specifically what makes you happy. I seriously cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Lots of folks were worried that they couldn't sign up since they'd be away for that week (it is summer, afterall) that they'd have to miss out on the fun. Not so! Signing up for the class gives you forever access to all the materials and forums. You'll miss the live chats, I suppose. But don't let that stop's going to be a great class. So, even if you are going to be away for that week, you can still sign up and have access to the videos when you return.

Another question is whether this class is appropriate for beginners. And I think it absolutely is. I learned to stitch when I was just a little girl and my style still has that childish charm to it. It's perfect for beginners, including youngsters. This sampler is all about expression...not perfection.

If you're still worried, you can try this exercise...osn

Draw a design on a bit of fabric and try stitching the outline of what you drew. Then try drawing a simple but tiny heart, and try stitching from one side to the next, filling it in, like the heart above. Try that exercise and then, if you had fun and enjoyed it, I think you'll really love the class.

Signing up gives you access to the pre-classroom immediately, which is filled with fun things like a video to help you make your own happy list! There's also a video to help you purchase your supplies and get you all set up to start stitching next month.

Have any other questions? Post them in a comment below and I'll address them here!

p.s. I had an email from Virginia who wants to use the exact fabric I did for my sampler but was having trouble locating it. Here's a direct link


Shelly, yes you can access the class in full anytime after the week is over. But you'll need to sign up for the class prior to the end of the workshop. Does that make sense?

Raychill, here's a source for Osnaburg which ships internationally.|1027047|osnaburg||S|e|12821926453&gclid=CIni5JLflrACFUdN4Aod3BAG2g
Or, check your local fabric store. They probably carry it.

Adriana, I don't really show instructions for stitches but most of the stitches are very basic. In fact, you could probably stitch the entire sampler using just satin stitches (filling in a space by stitching from one side to the other, like the heart above) and backstitches or outline stitches. A really great resource for learning new stitches is The video tutorials are fabulous. Just remember that with out sampler, it's about expression, not perfection.

Lyn F, It's okay if you're not great at drawing. If you need help figuring out a design when you're stitching, you can just email me or post it in the forum and we can all brainstorm together. Most importantly of all, don't stress! It'll be fine!

Yael, I think you'll be okay gently washing the sampler. Be sure to pre-wash your fabric. There's one part of the sampler where we'll be making button people by drawing faces on buttons. You may need to experiment to make sure the marker you use stays when washed. And you'll want to be mindful of the washability of all the embellishments. But what a great idea to make it into a quilt. Will you change the dimensions of the grid...or will you make a tiny quilt?

Tina, Monica, Melissa, Cherie & Kerrie! So happy that you'll be joining in on the fun! Let me know if you have any questions. It's going to be so much fun! I can't wait!

Monday, May 21, 2012

afternoon tea

For a belated birthday celebration (actually planned for last year's birthday), Pam and I went to the Ritz for afternoon tea last week. It was such a nice treat to sit and chat, whilst sipping tea and nibbling delicious things.

Thank you, Pam!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

kit and kaboodle

A few weeks ago, I had a nightmare that I'd forgotten the kits for my upcoming class at Mary Engelbreit's. Not that I'd forgotten to pack them...I forgot about them completely! Needless to say. that terrible dream jumpstarted my kitmaking efforts.

I started with the Tiny Worlds' kits...

and I just keep adding to them, making them better and better.

My friend Lorraine is going to do a trial run of the class tomorrow. I'm hoping running through it with her will help me better organize the time, and refine the kit contents.

Next week, I'm hoping to do the same with the sampler project and my friend Pam.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

and the winner is...

Congratulations to Mary Ellen, for winning a copy of the summer issue of Stitch, Craft,  Create!

Mary Ellen, please email me your snail mail address and I'll get it out to you this week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

gone fishin'

We went this weekend to visit my family. We had a great time...Alfredo had a blast learning from Seth how to fish.

Seth is such a great teacher...we think he should open a little fishing school! He is such a remarkable sweet and generous. He was quick to say that Alfredo helped him reel in the "big one"...and gave Alfredo lots of praise, especially for catching a spot, which he, himself, an accomplished fisherman, had never caught.

so sweet...

The boys decided to get really dirty later in the day...

and poor Alfredo fell and cut his knee. I can't begin to tell you the time and patience it took to get him to wash all that mud away from that cut. Oh, that drama!

Mud and blood don't mix.

Rich and Alfredo tested out Rich's new kayak, a Christmas present from my brother Shawn.

Here's me and my darling mother...look at her sparkling blue eyes! Isn't she lovely?

What a nice little getaway this weekend was!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stitch Craft Create!

Guess what! I'm in this magazine!

I met Shannon Miller & Courtney Kyle at The Creative Connection last year. (We shared a table in Leslie's class) When they asked me to submit a project for their magazine, I was thrilled and honored. 

I submitted a project based on the very popular craft suitcase I outfitted last year... 

Isn't it sweet? It's the same idea as the one I made last year, only I show you an easier way to magnitize the panel for the circle containers. Plus, I share lots of tips and tricks for crafting on the go, including how to pack for a crafting event.

Stitch, Craft and Create also included a very nice profile of me. It makes me sound better than I am, but I'll take it!

Look for the Summer issue of Stitch, Craft and Create at your favorite magazine stand. And if they don't have it, tell them they should! You can also find it online here.

I was delighted to find my super sweet friends Jennifer Paganelli and Princess Lasertron in this issue too!

Feeling lucky today? Leave a comment and share a crafting-on-the-go tip and you'll enter to win a copy of the Summer issue of Stitch, Craft and Create! I'll pick a winner Monday, May 14 at 5:00pm EST. (and announce the winner shortly thereafter)

Want to improve your odds? Head on over to their blog to enter the chance to win 1 of the 3 copies they are giving away!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

too cute!

I want to get flipped! Doesn't this look like so much fun?

Friday, May 4, 2012

excited about this...

Are you going to Target on Sunday to check out their new shops? I am!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy birthday, rich!

Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is as sweet as you!