Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the wish list, 2010

 sequin heart shoe clips = adorable.

Pedestal turntable for painting crafts. 
Can I live without it? Sure. But this list isn't about that, now is it?
Amazon. $26.95
This little coat is so me. 
(and I spilled coffee on my beautiful pink one last year and never took it to the cleaners so I'm in the market for a new cute coat)

Ruche. $72.99
Oh, so is this one.
(whoopsy, it's out of stock)
Ruche. $129

While you're there, get this.
It will look so cute with leggings and boots.
Ruche. $32.99

A mini photo studio. 
Hammacher. $79-$199

My favorite part of any spa experience: toasty towels.
Hammacher. $79.95

Seriously adorable. 

I can imagine all sorts of possibilities.

There could not be a more perfect perfume for me. 

Wen changed my hair. What will it to for my body.
QVC. (you heard me) $64.95
The chalk Catherine loves. I think I'll love it too.
Prang. $4.10

Because I'm ready to take my reading to the 21st century. 
Amazon. $189

pretty teapots all in a row.

stitched canvas.
just so magical.
My very own polka dot pixie.

And a Christmas Lulette.

Popcorn anyone?
New Rainboots? Oh yes.
Cute as a dozen buttons!
So lovely.
Curious Sofa. $149.95
I love crafting. I love gadgets. 
Amazon. on sale for $189

I don't know what's in there but it looks like pure happiness to me. 
Parcel. $48 & $98

I want to put on a beret and play artist!

 A little house for my sewing?

 What about a neighborhood?
 A toasty bath. A pat of this. Fresh Pajamas. Ahhh. 

 Because I had to throw away my other cute shower cap just yesterday. 

 A place for everything. 

And everything in its place. 
(from Amy's guide to a happy marriage: Tell them what you want. Be specific.)

the appendix

Some folks are having trouble accessing the appendix for the holiday issue of Inspired Ideas. Here's the link.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I'll be back soon with the famous wish list...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it's Christmastime around here...

This year I got an early start on decorating. I skipped right over Thanksgiving and cleaned like a fiend. And then I decorated.

Just the living room so far. I went a little crazy making a coffee table scene. At first I thought about making a village under the tree, especially since we got a train this year, but it seemed too hidden and I didn't want Alfredo reaching over the tracks.

3 trees...
 a lovely pink one...I made a skirt for the little round table using two real petticoats! And that perfect green bow? From Target.
 Alfredo has his own tree with his own village. It changes daily.
And this year, we have a REAL tree...
Here are some detail pictures of that crazy coffee table scene...

 You can't really see it in this picture but the lady on the horse is holding the tinsel that's wrapped around the tree. I think we've all found ourselves in precarious positions like that while decorating for Christmas!

 I bought the two bigger evergreens at the nursery where we bought the tree (they were 50% off!) But this little sappling was found out in the forest behind our house.

 I've done a few Christmasy things in the kitchen...

Alfredo is in charge of this little nativity set. It's one of my favorite things...

 The idea is that we all come to the birth of Christ so there are all sorts of people represented...fisherman, ministers, townsfolk...isn't that lovely?

And I just whipped this up this morning. Target has the most luscious tinsel and I knew I wanted to do something fun with it. I wrapped it around an orphaned embroidery hoop part (I don't know what happened to the other part!) and then hung a sweet vintage ornament in the center...
 And now it graces my kitchen window.

 While I happily worked on this quick project, Alfredo played nearby...
 It's a candy party.
 everybody likes chocolate.
 But I found him just like this...
This toy is on his most-wanted list, at the very top. I bought it for Seth's birthday present. It's really more appropriate for older kids (like Seth!) so I thought I'd test it out a bit. Since it arrived yesterday afternoon, I've noticed that Alfredo just sits by it and stares. He's studied it and studied it and cannot wait until Seth opens it. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!