Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the wish list, 2010

 sequin heart shoe clips = adorable.

Pedestal turntable for painting crafts. 
Can I live without it? Sure. But this list isn't about that, now is it?
Amazon. $26.95
This little coat is so me. 
(and I spilled coffee on my beautiful pink one last year and never took it to the cleaners so I'm in the market for a new cute coat)

Ruche. $72.99
Oh, so is this one.
(whoopsy, it's out of stock)
Ruche. $129

While you're there, get this.
It will look so cute with leggings and boots.
Ruche. $32.99

A mini photo studio. 
Hammacher. $79-$199

My favorite part of any spa experience: toasty towels.
Hammacher. $79.95

Seriously adorable. 

I can imagine all sorts of possibilities.

There could not be a more perfect perfume for me. 

Wen changed my hair. What will it to for my body.
QVC. (you heard me) $64.95
The chalk Catherine loves. I think I'll love it too.
Prang. $4.10

Because I'm ready to take my reading to the 21st century. 
Amazon. $189

pretty teapots all in a row.

stitched canvas.
just so magical.
My very own polka dot pixie.

And a Christmas Lulette.

Popcorn anyone?
New Rainboots? Oh yes.
Cute as a dozen buttons!
So lovely.
Curious Sofa. $149.95
I love crafting. I love gadgets. 
Amazon. on sale for $189

I don't know what's in there but it looks like pure happiness to me. 
Parcel. $48 & $98

I want to put on a beret and play artist!

 A little house for my sewing?

 What about a neighborhood?
 A toasty bath. A pat of this. Fresh Pajamas. Ahhh. 

 Because I had to throw away my other cute shower cap just yesterday. 

 A place for everything. 

And everything in its place. 
(from Amy's guide to a happy marriage: Tell them what you want. Be specific.)


Mindy Miller said...

Love your list! So many fabulous things!

the old white house said...

What a great list, I could copy and paste the whole thing for Santa! Love the green coat, oh really love everything! Theresa xoxo
p.s. thank you for inspire!

Kristin said...

I have that Cath Kidston townhouse sewing basket and it is just divine! I hope Santa gets it for you!!!

Molly said...

I love your list! And the green coat is my fave, but their out of stock :( Happy day friend!!
~Molly P

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Amy~
I think I will forward your list to Santa and add my name too! you have great taste. Happy Holidays!

Terri Conrad said...

Amy, I just found your Inspired Ideas magazine for the holidays and had to share it (blog & fb)! I LOVE LOVE L O V E your aesthetic. What a bright spirit you must be.

I'm with the post above too, in that I'm sending this fabulous list to Santa with MY name on it.

Terri Conrad

Heidi said...

Hi Amy! I always love your *wish* lists! That white coat is so cute!!! Wishing Wishing Wishing.....
Hugs, Heidi

Becky Garrison said...

Hi Amy! I can't help with the other stuff, but I just got a 'studio' very similar to that one on ebay for less than $40 including shipping! There are tons of them there, so no worries about getting the last one!

Becky G.

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

Oh I am so making my own list...you are a total inspiration, hon! Loving it {{{Hugs}}}

Shelley said...

What amazingly fun stuff you have found.
I have heard great things about Wen but never tried it. Feeling even more intrigued now!

Danee said...

I too love me some Wen Great stuff

Heather said...

Love your wish list ~ I have been putting mine together as well....so fun! You have so many cute things on yours...I might have to "borrow" some...don't consider me a copy cat, just a follower.. :) After all your supposed to be my big sis'...I do say, save your self the $ on the popcorn maker..we got it for Christmas last year and it broke before New Year! We had two replacements since...stick with the Whirly popper...it is the best! Plus, it gives your arm a nice workout! LOL..

Chris Worthy said...

Ack! Love those rain boots!! Love all of it, really, but I would add about three yards (meters, I suppose) of Cath's oilcloth to my list. :)

gabrielle messina said...

The off white coat and bag from Curious Sofa's on my list this year too! The perfume looks divine, Amy! I have to agree about the WEN love too.... What kind do you use?? Wonder if it will work it's wonders on skin too?

Waterfall said...

Lulette? noodle & lou? What wonderful names!!

Michelle M White said...

Awesome list!!! You're better than Oprah! (Sat next to Pam @ breakfast in NYC!)

Roxie Morrow said...

Great list. I want 90% of this same stuff, just didn't know it! Thanks!

Off to "be specific". hahaha


*kate said...

Wow. This list instantly transported me away from the, "I have everything I need" attitude I've had lately. There's not a single thing on here that isn't amazing.

I'd really love to know more about Wen. Maybe you've blogged about it before? My hair needs something drastic.

Suz said...

The first time I met you, you were standing in line at Silver Bella and had on your pink coat. I was just dazzled. You looked so pretty! I think you better make some nice flowers out of it! It is a wonderful coat!!!
(of course, either of these two would suffice!)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

So much to see in this post!!
In-spiring. ;)

K said...

nice blog.. I like to inspire the younger generation on mine, please can you check it out and let me know what you think, thanks Korinna


Whosyergurl said...

Amy, I like your prices better than Oprah's! (Favorite things.) LOVE the pixie!
xo, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I second the comment on the popcorn popper. I've gone through 3 of those . . . they break very easily.

Teresa said...

Hi Amy,

Love your Christmas list and hope you get all of those things and more! What's on your hubby's list this year? What about Alfredo? :)

meg duerksen said...

amy that is the best christmas list i have seen yet!
so many things i want off YOUR list!
it's beautiful.
imagine the photo if you got it all and how pretty it would be. :)

C. Tvillingmamma said...

Love the first coat! :)

Rachel said...

i bought that striped sweater dress and LOVE it!! thanks!

Benjamin Jones said...