Monday, December 6, 2010

artful adventures

My sweet friend Sandy has just put together a wonderful book called "Artful Adventures". With fabulous tutorials, delicious recipes, tons of inspiration and lots of instructions on how to throw your very own magical art gathering! It's chock-full of ideas and eye candy.

Sandy organized a retreat for some fellow Art Sisters last Spring and I was so fortunate to be included. She documents that retreat, plus a fun Valentine party, in this book, generously offering advice and tips for planning art parties.  

To get your own copy (it's a real book!), click the button below.



Unknown said...

Thanks cutie!

Sandy xox

Elyse said...

how super cool is this!


Sharon Stanley said...

talk about strange...i have been thinking of planning an art retreat for the spring and this book will be fantastic help! thanks for posting....i love your blog...i am just south of fredericksburg...not too far away! thanks for this very helpful post...i ordered~!

Anonymous said...

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