Friday, March 12, 2010

boden love

Whenever the new Boden catalog arrives, I get the gimmees real bad. I want to buy everything. I dogear all the pages of things I want. I flip through a million times, ooing and aaaahing and wishing.

For one thing, I would like this skirt.

It's so lovely and so fun. And now you can watch videos of the items in action. This does nothing to relieve me of my gimmees.

Meanwhile I'll do my best to chase the gimmees away and wait for this to happen at Target on mondaysunday! (Thanks for the heads up...forever I've been thinking it was happening on the 15th!)


Seitvonzu said...

no need to wait for MONDAY-- website says the 14th (which is sunday :)

i've been seeing the commercials on tv, but nothing like giving it all my attention on the web....whoah-- the teapots and tiered trays!!! whoah-- the CHILD'S DRESS. whoah-- the adult clothes! the umbrella!

love all of it.hopefully i won't love it all on sunday ;)

i do *heart* boden (lucy has a coat that i still can't get over...) , but target gets me EVERYTIME!

JB Tucker said...

Uh-oh. I suddenly have a new catalog obsession.

Amy M. said...

I have been vibrating with excitement for the last month about the upcoming Target LIBERTY collection. Can't wait to shop!

Crafting by Candlelight

melissa said...

I am with all of you ... I simply cannot wait for the Liberty of London products to be released at Target!
I have been talking about this release for the last several weeks. My husband finally asked me if there is anyone else that cares as much as I do about this line coming to Target. What kind of question is that?!
Of course there are :)

Happy shopping,


Gina said...

Oh, Amy. Don't wait until Monday! Everything will be gone. The launch is Sunday, and I'm planning to be there when the doors open (even though we lose an hour of sleep). I think this is one of the most highly awaited Target launches ever, and I'm afraid it's all going to be on ebay by the end of next week.

As for Boden, whenever the catalog or a package arrives, I sheepishly tell my husband that I got something from Johnnie B. Or an email. I love their stuff so much, and the other day I was cleaning out my closet and realized that (clutch your credit card) about 75%of my wardrobe is Boden. (I'm annoyed with the switch to American sizing--I had the British sizing all figured out.) One of the reasons I love it so much is that I work with kids and they LOVE to look at the patterns and designs on the clothes. The other reason is that they're just really cool, well-made, comfortable and stylish.

Kateyed said...

OMG, I knew nothing about the Libery of London! i will get there right away on Sunday. The first Target (now remodeled several times) is the one nearest us. Don't you think the first Target will have a ton of this good stuff? (maybe...maybe not).

Amy, the first time I saw you, you looked like a vision from wool all ruffled around your neck. Too, too cute. Maybe Boden, maybe not...but very Boden-esque.

I also love Wrap, London. In fact, for me it is a little more appropriate. I don't look good in those wonderful Boden skirt, though I love to look at them. Now we just need a Cath Kidston USA!

Ah, for a teacher, they would be wonderful. I remember those days when the first thing my students would check out would be my earrings. They really love what you wear!

felicia said...

I can't wait for the Liberty of London launch. I want the bicycle!

J. Paige said...

I totally blame you for my endless case of Ruche gimmees (have you seen their new shoes?- the ones in mushroom) so cute! I've been a fan of Boden for awhile and I'm loving that skirt too!

Merci-Notes said...

our Boden came this week also and sooo many great things!
See you at Target! :)
OH did you know that once sold out ~ forever sold out! I do dislike pressure when I shop!

With Kindness,
Thank you so for your great 39 Birthday squares group! Super idea!

jen said...

i dogear the catalogue and then never buy - and instead end up buying for my three girls from mini-boden. it's all just so dang cute!

Stevie said...

I love that skirt!!! xo

Kateyed said...

Disappointed with my Target #1. Lots of junior items, sexy sheer pajamas, a few bedding things but no pretty flowered contained. Nothing there for middle-aged me!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I thought that I was the only one in the world who just drooled over Boden. I rip out like every other page in hopes to recreate their look. Love their stuff! But it is so expensive! Ack!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I absolutely adore Boden! Vintage with a modern twist. What would we do with out this fabulous company?