Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RevolveR Journal

I'm so excited about this new journal available at my OpenSky shop. It's really two journals in one...with a quick flip of the wrist and a little bit of magic, you go from one book to the next.

Here...look at this video to see it in action:

One side is ruled for notetaking:
The other is blank for doodling:

I used my Pink Persimmon stamp sets, "Cotton" white Staz-On ink, and a white pen to decorate my little blue/black book...

Click here to order your Revolver Journal and, for a limited time, save 20%! Use this coupon code: Revolver20

Show me how you decorate yours! Wouldn't it be fun to cover it with vintage wallpaper or fabric? Just be sure to keep the three sections separate...even the smallest overlap will stop the magic from happening.


maryann said...

Yours look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rebekka said...


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