Thursday, March 11, 2010

cuckoo for cuckoos!

Thank you for your nice words about my gift for Andrea. I don't really have a how-to, step-by-step guide for making it. But I can tell you a little bit about how I made's that?

First of all, I couldn't have made it at all without my friend Kim. I emailed the idea, a rough sketch, and a few specs. She made the wooden clock base and even outfitted the back with a box to house the clock mechanism. I wish I'd had her cut the molding too for the roof pitch because it was really, really hard for me to do.

I bought the clock insert from here.

First I thought I would paint it but it wasn't turning out as well as I'd hoped. Then I remembered the really, really beautiful vintage wallpaper Karla gave me. It was hard to part with it but I knew it would be perfect. I cut out extra flowers from the scraps and glued them in place. And then I covered it all with a few coats of polyurethane.

I cut the shutters out of an old book cover and then covered them with striped wallpaper.

And the bird? Isn't she sweet? I made her from Air Dry Clay...nothing fancy. Just the Crayola kind for kids. And I coated her with clear glass glitter. I made the little hat out of a little scrap of wallpaper too.

Oh, and Jen asked about the polka dot heart in the background. Isn't it wonderful? It's made by my friends The Chapmans.

Are you ready to make one too? Kim is thinking about adding the cuckoo-inspired clock kit to her etsy shop. If you want one, let her know.


Linda said...

That is soooooooo cute!

Kateyed said...

Thanks so much for sharing this.It seems much pore "possible" when you break it down like this.I am amazed that that cute bird is air-dry clay. Wow, what beautiful colors and paint will do.

I would love it if Kim had little cuckoo clock kits in her store!


Anonymous said...

This is soooooooo cute - I just love that sweet little bluebird :)

the old white house said...

Oh my gosh! that is ADORABLE!

SadieLou said...

Hi Amy!
I wanted to let you know that your blog was among 10 chosen to receive the Top Ten Adorable Blog award. We have a special button for your blog made by Christine of Dollybelle's Peepshow if you're interested. Please visit the post if you have the time-thanks for being adorable!

Elyse said...

i really love the wallpaper on this clock!

hey, we're in sadie's top 10 together. fun!


Vanessa Kiki Johanning said...

I just love the clock!!

Could I ask one thing... where did you get the scalloped molding? it looks vintage, but maybe I could make it out of the moulding clay also? no pun intended! (LOL)