Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Tuesday Sodie Pop Review

Coca-Cola Blak

The concept is intriguing...mix Coke with coffee. The execution, though, is not. Do you know that overwhelming smell that you get when you walk past (let alone IN) one of those mall candle stores? That's what this TASTES like. In a word, yuck! I like Coffee. I like Coke. But not together. This reminded me of when I tried Milk and Pepsi after hearing about it weekly from Laverne and Shirley. Good separate but disappointing and sickening together. I'm sicker still from the caffeine surger that has taken hold of my body at this moment. Try this if you must, but at your own risk. Yet still I give it 2 bottle caps. I suppose there could be something worse. Maybe next week? Stay tuned.


gkgirl said...

that sounds yucky even.

but i had to giggle
when you reminded me of
milk and pepsi and laverne and shirley
(i MISS that show)
my brother used to drink that
all the time...

Anastasia said...

Oooh sounds gross!!
coke and Icecream is good though

Waterfall said...

Sounds gross, but I'll have to try it ... wonder if they make it in diet decaf? :)

Anonymous said...

coca-cola "Blek" is more like it!

weirdbunny said...

I can't beleive you tried it, did the caffiene give you a headache after. You'll never sleep, you'll be crafing all night!