Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Sweet Marjorie, my friend, you really recommended an amazing movie to me! And so I pass it along to my gentle readers.

This movie seems to be made just for me. It's sweet and sad and just about the loveliest movie ever. What I loved most about watching it with my sweet Rich last night was how he kept saying "That's just like you!" at all the parts that had me wondering if that's how I am.

This dialogue is my very favorite part:

Come on Mom. You've been stuck in that house for 20 years, cooking and cleaning and taking care of a bunch of crappy kids

Don't use that word. Especially in regards to yourself.

But you could be living in a city writing for a newspaper having an interesting life

I do have an interesting life.

Your life stinks! Gosh, Mom, just look at today. You finally get the chance to go somewhere and the lousy car breaks down. It's not fair. If I were you I'd be angry all the time.

(laugh) Now that wouldn't do me any good, would it?

For gosh sake's, Mom, you're only human.

Awww, now sweetheart. Maybe I'm meant to make it to the Affadaisies. And maybe I'm not. But right now, I'm sitting here in the shade having a conversation with my wonderfully fiesty daughter and I intend to enjoy this moment to the fullest. And I suggest, for your own well-being, that you do the same. (kiss kiss kiss)


Anonymous said...

I started the book but couldn't get in to it. It felt like a list of things the mother won...maybe I'll try again this summer. I'm sure the movie is full of wonderful vintage charm!

M said...

Amy, I just KNEW that you would like it!! The best part for me was that my 13 year old daughter brought it home to watch. She was touched by it and even though they won't admit it, so were her brothers AND her dad (my husband). I'm SO happy that you enjoyed it. Hugs to my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Just found your blog through Turkey Feathers comments. Everything is so beautiful! Keep Creating Beauty! :)

Anastasia said...

ive never heard of the movie or the book- is it a new film?
I love Julianne Moore

Unknown said...

I read the book last year and adored it! I'm on the hold list for the DVD at the library, but I think I may have to just go rent it--don't want to wait that long!