Sunday, May 14, 2006

it's all because of her

Everyone falls in love with my mother the first time they meet her. It's her voice. She has the prettiest drawl you'll ever hear. She adds extra syllables and everything comes out like a song. And she says things that I've never heard another person say like "Howeeeeedoin?" and "I swonny" and "I don't give a kitty". She says "Yes Ma'am" to women who are 30 years her junior. And her's the most delightful thing.

I talk to my mother every single day, sometimes many times a day. She keeps a mental list of all the things she has to tell each of her children. Sometimes I hear the same thing twice and Jessica doesn't hear it at all. She tells me all about the cute things that Maggie and Seth say and do. She tells me when people die or get married. She tells me about the church functions that are all lined up and doctor's appointments and shopping trips. But mostly we just talk.

She's still my mother, that's for certain. I get a good dose of advice and chiding and reminders and lessons. But now she's my friend too...the closest friend because she knows me so completely.

I'm everything I am because you loved me.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma. I love you so very much.


M said...

Amy, your mother sounds like a lovely woman~ full of grace and humor too! You're SO lucky to still have her to talk to everyday. How could we do anything but give them back the love and attention that they gave us all of our lives? I miss mine but I still hear her voice and think of her everyday! Love and Happy Mother's Day to your Mom, from your friend, Marjorie

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't that the truth? I realise more & more all of the time that my mother gave me more than I'll ever know. Lovely tribute.

Angela said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mother, Amy! She is truely blessed to have such a thoughtful daughther like you. I can only hope that when my children grow up they will feel the same about me.


Anastasia said...

beautiful post Amy!!! your mum must be so proud to have you as her daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. How lucky you both are.