Tuesday, May 30, 2006

pssst....pass it on

Look at this wonderful little bundle that I got last week. Sasha saw a picture of my hats sans hat pins and thought it was such a shame to have such pretty hats without something wonderful to stick in them. So, sweet Sasha sent me this package of 3 of the most beautiful pins (that she made!) with a note saying "Practicing random acts of kindness since 1967...pass it on!"

Today, as I drive into the Cottage, I'm going to dream up some wonderful random act of kindness to pass on to another. It's got to be good and something I might not ordinarily do. And I like the idea of doing it by post so that I too can leave a cute little message inviting them to pass it on.

Have the loveliest of days, my friends. And if someone does something nice for you today, don't forget to, as Sasha says, pass it on.

Thank you, Sasha! I love everything about the bundle you sent.


Megan said...

They are so, so beautiful. I am sure you will get even more satisfaction from your own random act.

Anastasia said...

what a lovely idea - I might steal that idea and send my own random act of kindness!

Bee said...

What a great idea - I love the sentiment. And the hat pins are beautiful, too.

I love lovely people!


Danielle Muller said...

just wonderful! i love RAKS!