Sunday, May 7, 2006

pajama love

I've worn these pajamas just about all weekend. I love them so much. They were a gift from my sweet friend Kim who owns Soul of the Rose. That makes me love them even more. I'm so lucky!

So I'm wearing them now...maybe just once more before they go in the hamper. I'm fresh out of a hot bath and I am bone-tired. Today I took on the office...and I think I won. It is so clean and sparkly and wonderful in there. And the very best part? There's room in there for a comfy reading chair. How fabulous is that?

Hopefully this cleaning trend will continue, taking me through each room until my house is thoroughly immaculate. And then wouldn't it be great to keep it that way?

I wish I had one of these for every room in the house.

And as long as I'm wishing, I would like a maid. A live-in maid like Alice would be nice. Or if they ever do make robot maids (I think this automated shower cleaner is a precursor) I would like one like Rosie from the Jetsons. Please and thank you.

p.s. That automatic shower cleaner really works. It's amazing. One time, however, I couldn't hear the beeping it does before it actually sprays. I had the shower radio on too loud. So I opened the shower door just in time to get sprayed right in my eyes with shower cleaner. It was not very painful but oh-so-comical. A regular Lucy-moment.


Anonymous said...

cutest jammies!! Love them.
If you say so--I'll give that shower cleaner thingy a try. I've been wondering if it worked well. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh. I see I wasn't far off. That'll teach me to read backwards. And the house looks stunningly gorgeous, by the way.

Anonymous said...

You've convinced me to give the shower cleaner a try. I saw it at Target but hesitated. I'm now off to Target to get it!

And those jammies are so tres chic!