Monday, May 15, 2006

monday monday

geezy pete, I'm stuck today.

This is my problem with Mondays, in general. It's supposed to be my busiest day but I tell you, I feel like I have lead in my shoes (or slippers in this morning's case!) I have a whole laundry list of things to do but all I want to do is spend the morning surfing around, sipping coffee, and daydreaming. And it seems to be like this every Monday.

Now, I'm not a list maker. I'm just not. Often when I talk to my friend Debbie, listmaker, and I'm overwhelmed like I feel today she will say to me "Amy, make a list." And it always helps. So here is my list today. I will update it as I go through the day and let's see how much I get done.

-Package up all the orders
-Pay retail sales tax (late!)
-Send Michelle her package and check
-Take photos of all of the new things
-Fix up the store with new sections and add the new things
-Work on logo idea for A.
-Clean up little and big dollhouses
-Work on contribution for Club Little House
-Put together box of things to take to my little room at The Cottage
-Tidy up
-Use foodsaver to marinate, package and then freeze chicken for easy-grill dinners (I'll post about this someday soon!)

There might be more to do so I might add to the list. Maybe this will be a good way to jumpstart my mondays. I'm certain I won't get all of this done today but we'll see how it goes. I'll strike through them as I get them done. And I'll keep going through the week.

My treats for getting a lot done today?
-Asian salad from McD's and a large coke for lunch
-Time out at 2 to watch "Keeping up Appearances"
-a little casual bike ride around the block
-A glass of that nice chardonnay and a little plate of bites when Rich gets home while we grill dinner


Lauren said...

A list is a wonderful idea. I just feel sad when I only get 3 things done from my list of 26. What is "Keeping Up Appearences?"

amy rue said...

I love a good list! I love Hyacinth and her sisters...they sound like a nice way to spend a bit of afternoon. Only, I wouldn't want to have tea with Hyacinth because I would shake like her neighbor!

Anonymous said...

A glass of chardonnay is definitely something to look forward to!

Good luck with your lists!

Saucy said...

Oh Amy, I love your blog. I come here every day for a little inspiration. I hope you can send me your email address so I can send you a little treat for your nice new room!

Anonymous said...

Excellent strategy! Sort of a way to combine blogging with getting things done, where usually the one precludes the other.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Funny, I told myself I needed to make a list and stick to it.
I never got around to making hte list...I promise tomorrow I'll start! You always inspire me!
On the top of my list and all the ways down will have LAUNDRY/to IRON!!

Anyone want to come to France and iron for me?

Angela said...

I am the Queen of list makers- I even have lists for my lists! You have to be to be a Wedding Consultant! Just try not to overwhelm yourself, Amy... giving yourself a nice reward is a good way to stick with the list!

Looks like you have made good progress, so far today!

("Tounge and Cheek Antiques" Are you kidding me? France? I would do your
laundry and ironing in a heartbeart!)


Anonymous said...

Amy, I am SO much like you. Monday I am home to catch up on tidying, laundry, office suff and I just want to play. After a weekend with noise and chaos, I guess I just need the relaling time. But I have a huge list. I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry done- never mind that they are laying on the living room floor. I will fold when the boys get home while they have their snack. Hope you get as much done on your list as you feel like doing!

Saucy said...
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Anastasia said...

I need my daily list!!!
i have Monday's off - its my fun day so I avoid any housechores - its just my craft class in the morning and then time with my boys...
'Keeping Up Appearances' is such a laugh! Tea with the Vicker, anyone??

Unknown said...

i thought you may like these:

aren't they so sweet? :)

Anonymous said...

Look how much you got done!!!