Thursday, June 22, 2006

welcome little ones

I am just as tickled pink as I can get with the two little Lumplings that I just adopted.

Friends, meet sweet little Mums & Word:

I just welcomed these two little lumplings into my door today. What? Don't know what a Lumpling is? Can that be? Get thee to Amy Rue's site just as quickly as you can! The latest herd are all adopted by lucky people like me but new ones pop up regularly (and always go quickly!) Stop by Amy's blog, for sure. She's as sweet as a Georgia Peach, which is a nice coincidence since that is where she calls home.

p.s. Amy just started offering various sundries and happy things. I picked up the Fairy Soap because I love the idea of soap saying "good night" to me. And Miss Amy sent me a perfect little bundle of buttons. See, didn't I tell you? She's awful nice.


Anonymous said...

too cute!!! now I want one, too! Ugh, that Powers Pixy does it again....(shaking my fist at the computer!) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh good job! I had my eye on that set too! Love it love it! It has a wonderful new home and family *smile*

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love those lumplings- especially the striped one! Wonderful buttons- how sweet of her! Fairy soap that says good night- :D Love it!

amy rue said...

I'm so glad that they made it safely!

I'm as pink as Mums now from your kind words....Thank you!