Friday, June 9, 2006

doggy at large

Today I had a little visitor at the cottage. A little dachshund just waltzed right through the front door. What fun! I swept him up and he just put his little head on my shoulder.

The next door neighbor has two hot's just a baby (can't remember his name) and the other is Elvis. I rang the his doorbell answer. So, I left a note telling him that Elvis was hanging out with me.

Boy, was it fun to have him there! I closed the front door because I didn't want him to run out into the busy street in front. He checked out all of the rooms, including upstairs. He was so cute. He kept coming back to the counter and looking up at me. I picked him up a few more times.

After a while I heard Todd next door calling him. I called back and Todd came running into the shop, out of breath and worry all over his face. When I told him that Elvis walked right through the front door, he said "That's not Elvis...That's Emmett, Elvis' best friend!" Todd is dogsitting him while Emmett's owner's band is on tour. He said that it's bad enough when you lose your own dog, but when it's someone else's dog you really feel bad.

A couple of months ago I saw a big white rabbit with black spots hopping around a parking lot near the cottage. I think he must've been someone's pet. He hopped away in a hurry but wouldn't it be fun if he showed up at the door one day. Last summer a deer wandered into a shop in Georgetown so stranger things have happened.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I love the fluttery header. I did not notice the flutter before, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Okay, did he ever find Elvis? You can't just leave us hanging?

Anonymous said...

we have a little pipsqueak (hot dog!) of our own over here and we would be SO GRATEFUL if someone saved her from being lost or hurt like you did for emmitt!! BIG THANKS from a dog-lover across the u.s.!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet friend to have visit! and this entry just made me smile - thanks!