Monday, June 12, 2006

whistle while you work

I have a big job ahead of me this week. I have to clean and organize my stockroom. I will work and work and work until it is sparkling clean. This is not something I am looking forward to but it is terribly necessary.

To help me along, here is my schedule of rewards. Yes, I know what they say about a job done well being its own reward. Maybe for you, sugarpie, but me? I need more.
Work for 3 hours
Reward: Trip to my favorite grocery store and from the patisserie, something decandent and sweet and wonderful (will post a picture tomorrow)
Work for 5 hours
Reward: A ridiculously expensive, but oh so good, haircut
Work for 5 hours
Reward: An afternoon of dilly dallying in my craft room and watching Keeping Up Appearances at 2 pm
Work for 3 hours
Reward: A trip to the new Paper Source store in Alexandria
Friday (if I'm still alive)
Work for 5 hours
Reward: A terrificly clean stockroom


Lilli in Vancouver said...

Good for you! That's how I get myself to tackle scary projects: I attack it in smaller increments, and reward myself along the way. Gotta know how to "push your own buttons"...LOL...

Good Luck ! :)

Anonymous said...

this is a reasonable and succinct work plan. you can do it! nice to have a fellow virginia blog pal - i don't see too many of us!

Anonymous said...

You mention Alexandria...are you actually a neighbor of mine? I live in Kensington, MD.

I am VERY inspired by your reward scheme. I face a very long "to do" list this week and perhaps this is just what I need to help me tackle it!

I adore your site and check in regularly...I suppose I am a lurker (although I do not like that term). I'd rather think of myself as an unobtrusive visitor. Your style and sense of whimsey seems to have no limit. For example, I love the image of the little girl sweeping. Every time I visit there is a new delight. Many thanks for creating a wonderful site!

Warm wishes!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is soooo funny. I think my ideal reward for just about any job would be to spend time WORKING in your stock room!!!

Waterfall said...

I need to take that approach. I've been procrastinating like crazy on just about everything, now that school is out and I actually have time to do them!

Anastasia said...

What a fun working list with a real treat at the end of the day. I like that idea!
Im off to get an eyebrow tidy at the salon today- does that count as a treat??

Babsarella said...

Hope you will be able to find stuff after you tidy up! That always seems to happen to me. I just checked out the paper source site and WOW, what lovely things! I really liked the cool envelope templates and matching liner templates.

Anonymous said...

I love your reward plan. :) I am even more excited to learn of the new Paper Source in Old Town! Maybe I will reward myself with a trip there after getting through my daughter's birthday party this weekend.