Monday, June 5, 2006

she seemed very pleased

My friend Melissa (Little Melfred) made this little tin for me.

I know I do seem very pleased with myself an awful lot. Thank you so much for putting up with it. I have always loved show and tell and this blog seems like a new showcase for that old assignment.

Whenever anyone comes to my house I have to control my urges to show them one thing after another, like some sort of marathon show and tell session. But somehow with this blog I feel absolutely no need to surpress that urge. I mean, I have to show you something, right? Isn't this what it is all about?

Today I have a whole list of things to do but I'm stuck in the Monday doldrums, as usual for Mondays. Remember that day a couple of weeks ago when I listed all the things I needed to do? I rethought that idea and realized how terrible it was. I'm sure none of you were really interested to know that I never really get around to doing my laundry. Were you?

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be better. Remember it's Monday and it's asking a heck of a lot of me to put together any semblance of an organized thought. Tuesday is always better.


Anonymous said...

Hi ya.. Seems like there is always a list of things to do.. oh well. I love the little doll house stuff. I have to admit I was having trouble invisioning it - but now I totally see the Amy of it all! Wonderful! Have fun with that.

~Vicki said...

After the dollhouse post, you're entitlted to some downtime!

blogger is doing weird things today, sorry about the double post.


Nel said...

Amy I love your blog, you should be very pleased with yourself - you inspire others and make me smile :)

Anastasia said...

I love your blog too Amy - your 'show and tell 'is so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you are so much fun! I love your show and tellishness. Have a good and happy Tuesday. Glenn

Anonymous said...

i certainly HOPE that you are pleased with yourself! you are indeed VERY pleasing!! your blog makes my day!! please keep posting/blogging, even if it *is* your 'to-do' list. i love it all!

Danielle Muller said... are a doll...whatever you post about is interesting to me...i love your dollhouse stuff and also love the "to do" list. makes me realize there are like-minded souls out there!

Waterfall said...

Dearie, whenever I come to your house, please feel free to show me anything and everything you want (except maybe your underwear drawer ... oh, that too, if you're so inclined).

Can't wait till August!

Anonymous said...

You can show me around your world any ole time.

Mippie said...

Amy --

I just wanted to check in to say that I hope you know I created "she seemed very pleased with herself" because that is what I love about you -- how excited you get when you find something wonderful and how you are so willing to be open and share with everyone around you -- making us so happy in the process! I feel so lucky to have met you!


amy said...

Melfie, my friend, I hope you didn't think for one minute that I don't love with all my heart the little tin you made for me. I was in a self-conscious mood on Monday. Am better now.

Mippie said...

Silly Amy --

I never thought you didn't love the tin --not at all. I just didn't want to hear you think for a moment that there was anything wrong with the generous sharing you do! That is what makes YOU so fabulous! And for the record, yes, I really do want to know you didn't finish your laundry! Have a great lunch today!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

That tin is adorable- what a sweet giftfrom your friend!