Friday, June 30, 2006

goody goody gumdrops...

I am not an enigma. Sure, I would like to be a mysterious being. But you know me...I am more of an open book, heart-on-the-sleeve, wysiwyg girlie. So I really shouldn't be that surprised that all of you know me so very well. In the last two weeks I have been the happy recipient, as I mentioned in the post previous, of many, many surprises and gifts. All of them...each and every wonderful little thing was exactly the thing that I love. How did you know?

There are a few gifts to meself thrown in to the mix as well. Click each picture to see it even bigger...but only if you're not the jealous type, okay?

1 These little pints of ice cream are only 1 inch tall. My sweet friend Alicia sent them to me. They make me so happy.
2 This pretty little button bobbie looks so sweet in my hair.
3-6 Little bitta everything is right up my alley! Alicia put together wonderful little bundles of all of the things that make my heart go pitter patter.

My friend Francie sent me a box of pink surprises...she's definitely got my number. Here are just a few (!) of the things she sent...
1 Everything was packaged in these two fabulous pink heart boxes that she decorated just for me.
2 I love these two pink vintage birds so much. If I wore hats, I swear I would put one in it. I can't decide where I want them...I'm moving them from room to room, keeping them together, of course! They are from her Auntie's floral shop which has been closed for 30 years!
3 These wonderful pink gloves were Francie's mother's. They are from the '50s. She remembers that her mother wore them with the cutest little hat.
4 A beautiful handpainted sign to remind me of my lifetime goal.
5 Francie bought this sweet little chair from a five and dime when she was a little girl! She remembers that if had a little pink velvet cushion on the seat.
6 Beautiful beaded posy.

I had tea yesterday with my wonderful friend Pam. Just look at what she made me!
1 Isn't this the prettiest little box? She made it.
2 It's as beautiful inside as it is out. And look at the little picture she made for my dollhouse.
3 And she made this wonderful screen for my dollhouse too!

My sweet friend Michelle sent me these wonderful surprises
1 I love these pink floral notecards...
2 Me, myself, and "I"
3 Michelle made this wonderful bunting for my workroom.
4 Look at these wonderful jars! I just love their fabric lids.
5 She made me this fresh collage...isn't it fabulous?

1 I bought this paper pack from Pam Garrison and I can't even bring myself to open it, it's so wonderful.
2 My friend Melissa sent me this swing for my littlest dollhouse.
3 This is a chair that I found when I was cleaning my stockroom. I used have dozens that I would give away as a free gift. I'd forgotten about them completely! Boy, do I wish I had more! I'd send you all one if I did.

These are all danglies from a baby crib mobile that I bought. I love it so much. I will keep it in my craftroom to float above my head as I create little things for you. Then someday when we have babies, I'll let them borrow it. It needs a little cleaning but I couldn't wait to show you.

Whew! That was a heck of a long post. I hope you enjoyed seeing everything.

For those of you who missed out on Club Little House, I will have another installment just for you before summer is through. There will be just 12 openings and they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. I'll give you a day's notice for the sign-up. Good deal? Okay, now go cross me off your meanie list and put me back on the sweet list, with a heart beside my name.


Saucy said...

Okee dokee! We will all watch patiently for the next edition of Club Little House! And will all pounce quickly, I am sure.

Lauren said...

WOW! What treasures. Everything is so beautiful and thoughtful. Gifts from friends are the very best.

Sharolyn Perry said...

Love your blog! Just re-discovered you on my favorites list. You have been an inspiration. I enjoy seeing all the new minis that friends have sent you. You are a very lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What amazing treasures you got - you must love getting your mail every day! I actually got a package from Posie today too and it was all so wonderful! Really, really looking forward to next Club Little house - hopefully I'll make it this time!

Anastasia said...

Ohhhh delightful things - so pretty!
thanks for sharing!
hoorah for a new edition of Club Little House - better keep my eyes glued to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I tried, but I couldn't help it. I am jealous (but again in the most delightful way)! You deserve wonderful treats all the time!!

Anonymous said...

Amy, a tear slid down my cheek when I saw the darling little wooden figures from the nursery dearest daughter had that very same mobile hanging over her crib when she was a baby!!!
Somehow,although that seems like yesterday, she's now 25 and just moved far, far away :o(

Thank you for a sweet memory!

Anonymous said...

Amy- you are so well-loved! Glenn

Anonymous said...

I am just piping up to say that I used to play with the Hey Diddle Diddle pieces to that mobile that must have been my brother's (1962) or mine (1966.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I am just now getting a chance to catch up on blog reading, and so as not to clutter up your blog with comments on every single post I'll just say, here, MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!!! in manner of Phoebe Bouffay and then. . . .