Monday, June 12, 2006

today's reward

Isn't this just about the prettiest dessert you've ever seen? This is today's reward for my 3 hours of work cleaning up my stockroom. I still have a long way to go but I made a good start.

I have new eyeglasses. They are much like my old ones, minus about a billion scratches. I can see so much better. I found out at my eye doctor's last week that neither contacts nor surgery would completely correct my vision. I have to wear glasses. So that's that.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

What a gorgeous treat! You deserve it for doing all that cleaning. I really need to attack some of my rooms too. Love the Kimberly Hodges behind your dessert

Too bad about your vision :( LOVE those glasses, though. My mom had a pair like those in the 60s and I've always wanted to get some for myself :)

Anonymous said...

Go Amy! I love your clever reward strategy, I might implement something similar to get myself to finish my studio redo. I can't quite keep motivated.

Your glasses rock!

Anonymous said...

wow! what *is* that delicious looking thing? definitely a deserved reward for a hard day of work.

Bee said...

Those glasses are very cool (altho I'd like to see them on a model....say, you, for example? :) And that treat looks deliciously luxurious - just like the reward it is!


Anonymous said...

It looks yummy in both design and taste! Love the new glasses! I am in the same boat! I bet they loook fabulous on you!