Tuesday, April 25, 2006

little thoughts

Hey, Club Little House Members, have you thought about what you'll be making or buying for the Club Little House Exchange?

I've had some requests for details about the exchange. You should try to stay within the 1:12 scale, which means that each inch represents a foot. We're not going to be sticklers to this scale so if you make something a little big or a little small, it's okay. For this first exchange, let's think of things that you might give as a housewarming gift. If you have a brilliant idea outside of that scope, that's okay too. I promise. This is meant to be fun.

Since us twelve members are going to each get identical packages, please prepare 12 of the same thing. For instance, if you are going to make a picture for the wall, make 12 of them. If you can't stand the thought of making 12 things exactly the same, you could, for example's sake, make each of the 12 pictures different.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section here and I'll address them publicly for everyone's benefit.

If you are worried that we'll have duplicate offerings, we can keep a list of who is making what but I like the element of surprise so much, don't you? Let me know then if you would like for me to organize a list of what is being prepared and we can vote on it just like a proper club would.

I'm so excited! Are you?


Anonymous said...

I've been doing lots of thinking about what I'd like to do for the club. I do have an idea but I like the surprise of it too so I'd rather not share! Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to narrow it down! I have lots of ideas, I just can not decide what to make! I also think it should be a surprise though!
However, I would love to see what everyone's doll houses look like. Maybe we can start a flickr group for the club?
I am very excited about this little club and can not wait to see what we all come up with!

Anonymous said...

That was not supposed to post as anonymous, sorry about that!