Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sodie pop

I arrived early to the cottage this morning so that I could walk down the street to buy lunch for later. There are so many wonderful little eateries in downtown Leesburg. The best of these is a restaurant called "Lightfoot". It's in an old bank and it is simply wonderful...food, atmosphere, service. Next door to the restaurant is a little bakery run by the restaurant. That's where I found my lunch...and that's where I found the most wonderful and unusual selection of sodas.

How's this for an idea? Each Tuesday I will try to do the same as today and try a different special soda. I will write a review of the soda, giving it a rating of up to five pops.

Today's Selection:
Boylan Sugar CaneCola

This soda is made with real sugar cane and no corn syrup. The result is a cleaner sweet, if you will. It's perfectly bubbly and wonderful. I drank it all happily. As an enthusiastic Coca-Cola drinker, I found the taste to be similar but sweeter and very good.


Anonymous said...

How funny, as I read your blog..I a drinking a Boylan Diet Black Cherry. I love the old bottle..by the way. There are more fairy doors in A2.

Anastasia said...

I dont drink soft drink myself but the different flavours sure sound intersting!