Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bunny cake

This is a drawing that my sweet husband made when he was a little boy. Rich LOVES his bunny cake and from the looks of this he always has.

To make a bunny cake for yourself, make two round cakes much as you would if you were making a 2-layer round cake. Instead of stacking the two rounds, place one round in the middle of a platter. Cut the other round into sections for the two ears and the bow tie. If you cut the oval ears from opposite sides of the circle, what's left in the middle is the bowtie. Does that make sense?

Frost the cake with "fluffy white" frosting. You can cheat by using that marshmallow fluff stuff in a jar...it's basically the same thing as 7-minute frosting. Cover the frosted cake with coconut. Use assorted candies to decorate the face. Gumdrops work well for the eyes and pink nose. Licorice ribbons are wonderful whiskers. Rich's favorite part, I do believe, are the polka dots on the bowtie fashioned from jelly beans.

As Julia would say, Bon App├ętit!


Anonymous said...

How adorable that you saved your hubby's bunny cake drawing. My hubby usually gets a bunny cake, similar to your hubby's, almost every year for his bday since it is so close to Easter.

So sweet, that pic!

Anastasia said...

Thanks for the tip on the cake!!!
its great your hubby still has that drawing!