Saturday, April 1, 2006

fat boy slim

A few weeks ago I bought Fatboy Slim's Palookaville cd because I fell head over heals for his cover of Steve Miller's "The Joker". To hear it for yourself, click here
Then click Palookaville...the Joker is the last track. Oh boy do I love it. I've been playing it over and over so someday soon I might be sick of it. Maybe.

I am on my way out of town for little Maggie's second birthday party. Oh, my father made a new costume for himself (remember the gorilla?) Well, now he's the Easter bunny! I know! I'll take pictures!

Sorry for the general randomness of this post. I wanted to say something but I'm a little scatterbrained this morning. :)

p.s. It looks like there's a lot of interest in Club Little House. That makes me so excited!

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