Monday, April 24, 2006


First of all, let me say that I love this pink television. It's just about the cutest thing ever. It's at Target.

While I'm on the subject of television, Rich just cancelled a tier and we are down to the very basic cable. A few months ago he threatened such to save some cash but I thought I'd protested enough. So last week, without further discussion (which is really uncharacteristic of our union) he called the cable company and the deed is done. Bad boy.

I wasn't a big television watcher before. Really I wasn't. When I did watch, it was passively while Rich channel-surfed. It was a lot like being in a sidecar on a motorcycle. However, I liked keeping Turner Classic Movies on during the day. I especially loved catching a Doris Day movie in the middle of the day and giving myself permission to sit still for a while to watch it.

Rich says that it's summer and we should be watching less television. He's probably right. And how nice would it be to sit together and read? He's right, I'm sure of it. But this is definitely life-altering. While everyone else is upgrading their television experience with bells and whistles like Tivo and High Definition and such, we are going backwards to network only television.

Oh, but I did subscribe to Netflix. Maybe that will help soften the blow. Maybe a pink tele would even further soften it.


Anonymous said...

Netflix will make you forget all about cable, really. Those Doris Day movies? Watch them whenever you want! Heard about some cool sounding BBC show? Netflix has it! Believe it or not, I don't work for Netflix, just a happy subscriber :)

Anonymous said...

FYI: you can also get "Keeping up Appearances" through Netflix -- several episodes! Or, so I've heard:)

Anastasia said...

Im a huge Doris Day fan!!
netflix will keep u happy - if u have any good movie recommendations let us know!

Anonymous said...

Got a library card? They have tons of old movies there. I'd get VHS though because DVDs are usually scratched, at least they are here, anyway.

Anonymous said...

we have just network television and it's amazing how much "background noise" that can still provide. our thoughts were the same as your husband's when we "downgraded"-- do we really NEED to be watching this much television?

i second the recommendation of using your local library as a movie resource. we've completely replaced our friday night stop at the video store-- we just go to the library. if they don't have the newest stuff, we wait and get a classic. we watch TONS of movies ! :)