Wednesday, April 12, 2006

don't eat off from that tree!

The picture I posted yesterday was from a workbook my husband Rich completed for First Communion. I had the same book when I was little.

Now I might get into a little trouble for posting these but hopefully he won't find out since he doesn't read my blog.

Some of the crayon-writing is part of the book.

Note in this picture the size of Mike's feet (he's famous for them!)

I wish he gave me candy when we quarrel. That might make me happier.

You must be happy. Is that a commandment? I like it.


amy rue said...

Ha! Give them some candy...give them food...give them something! I love that! If people gave candy after fights, I would be starting a few. His drawings are so sweet and it's so great that you have them. My mom didn't really save things, but I do for my children.

Anonymous said...

HA! He wanted some money, some cold hard cash from Jesus! :)

Anonymous said...

oh-my-goodness! this is so great. :)

Anonymous said...

Little $ grubber, huh.