Friday, August 5, 2011

make your own microwave popcorn

Something to try tonight...

Use two brown bags and put one inside the other. Dump in 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels and 2 to 3 tablespoons of popping corn oil. Add salt to taste.

Fold the bag three or four times. Place in microwave with fold down.

If your microwave has a popcorn setting like ours does, just set it and wait. Otherwise, you'll have to do the same song and dance as regular microwave popcorn (set it for 5 minutes and wait until the popping sound slows).

Perfectly popped! 

If you like it buttery, spritz a little of this magic right into the bag.

The benefits: cheaper, healthier, no yucky microwave popcorn smell, and it's fun!


Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

I love making popcorn this way! We haven't used oil, but I'll have to try that! It's fun to do with a group of people - everyone gets their own bag and we set out different topping flavors, like white cheddar and cinnamon sugar.

valthecraftygal said...

Cant wait to try this! Thanks!

Laurie said...

Wow! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I'm Old. I can remember when microwaves came out. And making popcorn in a Paper Bag was like the newest thing since.....TANG!!!!

(and yes, I hate that yucky micropopcorn smell. What is IN those bags, anyway?!)

Shelley Davis said...

Hi Amy,

I use to pop popcorn for my kids back in the 80's this way until there was an article in the paper about how dangerous this is because of the chemicals that are used in making the brown paper bag. Gosh I wish I had kept it and could tell you exactly what it is. Better safe than sorry?