Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Where was I when the earthquake hit? Would you believe me if I said I don't know...

We were driving to the library and it must've happened just before we arrived. We didn't feel a thing. But the funny thing is because I had no idea we had just had an earthquake, when we walked into the library and crowds of people were clumped together, talking loudly, I thought to myself "What is wrong with these people? Don't they know they're in the library?!!" And then I wondered why the librarian looked at me so funny when I was all "business as usual" and reporting the accidental tears in the pages of Dino-Baseball that we mended and the missing page from Delilah (pre-existing). But then my phone started ringing off the hook and I heard the news.

It's a good thing we weren't home because lots of things fell from high places. When Rich came home, I tried to blame the extremely messy house on the quake but he didn't buy it.


Debby said...

I was driving as well......bummer. Isn't it funny that there was on on the East coast, West Coast and in Colorado.
Great try on blaming the earthquake for the house.

Ella said...

I was homing folding laundry and I felt dizzy, at first I thought is was me. Then the house shifted and shook; my daughter hollered, "why is the house shaking?" I said, I think it is an earth tremor. Glad you are okay, nice try on the messy house ;D

Whosyergurl said...

When in doubt, always blame a messy house on an act of nature!

xo, Cheryl

Lucy Tracy said...

You're cute! :)

miss lynn said...

oh, that
is a wonderful
"amy" story!!!!
i love it!!
i totally thought
of you as soon
as i heard about
the quake!!
glad you and your
boys were safe.