Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In just about a month, Alfredo and I are packing our bags to go to Petaluma! 

It's perfect...he will go visit his family, who happen to live in Petaluma. And I will be going to Art is You...Petaluma! 

Perfection! We're so excited. Alfredo hasn't seen his papa since January and he really misses him. 

So, want to see what classes I signed up for?

First, I'm taking Shelly Massey's Play Time class...

Doesn't that look like fun? We'll be making art using a license plate as a base. 

Next up, I'll be making this wonderful thing...

It's a mechanical bird that really works! I can't wait! 

Then, I'll make this...

With Dee Foust. Super exciting!

And finally...

House of Blues...the class description got me with "You will learn sculpture, surface treatments and a trick with handmade paper that will change the way you do art."  Okay! Sounds fun to me!

Will you be there?


Amy said...

I'm so excited Amy!! I am also taking PLAY TIME and the Mechanical Bird class. Can't wait to see you!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Whosyergurl said...

Looks like fun! And how nice for Alfredo, too.
xo, Cheryl

mary engelbreit said...

I'm jealous, Amy--- that looks so fun!

Patricia said...

I would be thrilled to take some of those classes. The artistic genes in my family landed elsewhere and skipped a generation in my case, but I would love to see what I could do.
Plus! Mary Englebreit left you a comment ~~~ WOW! How wonderful. I've admired her art for years. I'm excited for you. Have a wonderful time.

miss lynn said...

so. much.
can't wait
to see the
you create!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fun you will have! We were just in Petaluma and Napa on vacation, Amy. Such a beautiful area. Have fun! : )

Shelly said...

Can't wait! See you there! :)

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

Can't wait to go myself... I'm taking the mechanical bird too! it looks like a lot of fun... It will be great seeing you again... till then have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs ;O) xo

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohh how FUN!! What a GREAT time you will have!! The Art Is gals are just amazing!! We Love them to bits!

The classes you are taking look beyond awesome!

Have a GREAT time!!!!
xoxo Jenny

Lucy Tracy said...

Wow Amy!!!

Your adventure sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing your finished creations! Will you have time to go to Halloween and Vine? So FUN!!!!

Dawn said...

Wonderful that you and Alfredo are going to Pealuma each to be with those you love...your classes look great...enjoy x

vivian said...

so much fun stuff! I'm jealous! have fun though and how sweet that Alfredo will get to visit with his dad!

Nathaly said...

tout jolie :)