Monday, August 22, 2011's you! win the giveaway. Send me an email (amy (at) inspireco (dot) com) with your mailing address and we'll send you your issue of AUTUMN! Yay for you!

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Joyinthejrny said...

Thank you for being such an awesome example of living life in JOY!

The French call it joie de vivre - the joy of living. The Italians express it as nienta sense gioia - nothing without joy. To the Greeks, it's kefi - the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits.

I personally believe that Joy should be reintroduced into each and every part of our daily lives! That is why I have created a “Joy Campaign” to help embrace the daily joys in life! I thought because you seemed devoted to a similar inspirational cause, you might be interested in helping me pass it on?

THE BLOG(for daily reminders and joy challenges)



Thanks for all your insight and your support! I will keep reading your amazing posts!