Tuesday, September 5, 2006

sweets party

For weeks now, nearly every day, I have talked to Seth on the phone, planning our "Sweets Party". We've conspired in whispers, discussing every detail of this celebration of candy and all things sweet. We talked about decorations and which is our favorite flavors and whether or not we should try to add the forbidden Coca-Cola to the menu. We planned when and where we'd buy the candy and even how...He'd pay the "cents", I'd pay the "dollars". We giggled and squeaked with joy while we whispered out our plans.

So when a hurricane swiped my hometown, the scene of the sweets party, I was a little worried. Could we have a sweets party without power? But how could I call this sweet little boy and tell him that he'd have to wait yet another week for me to visit and have the much anticipated sweets party? I couldn't.

And guess what. We had a wonderful time. We decorated lavishly with a curly-cue garland and a banner that said "SURPRISE". We went to the drug store to make our sweet selection. And since I can't seem to say no to this little Charlie Brown look-alike, we ended up with all manner of candy. Fortunately, he agreed to the plan to spread out its consumption over the weekend so that we can make the celebration last.

Seth had the most fun tricking me into eating the really sour gum that contorts my face. Also, he liked picking out the terrible popcorn flavored jelly beans, telling me that they were really truly cotton candy flavored, and then falling down with laughter when I discovered the terrible-tasting truth.

We did end up partaking in a little Coca-Cola...through loopydeloop straws, no less. Maggie, too! The delight in both their eyes, as we all three drank from special straws all at once from the same can, all of our heads together, was worth every bit of scolding I got later from their mothers. We didn't really drink too much because we were so busy giggling at our mischievousness.

Power came back on Sunday afternoon and we all danced with joy. It was fun sneaking around the house, lighting our way with tiny flashlights and reading bedtime stories by candlelight. But taking a cold shower, while invigorating, was not fun. And by Sunday we were just ready for the lights to work again.

I didn't take many pictures because I was so wrapped up in the festivities. But when Seth came running into my parents' kitchen with a bucket as big as him and a fish in it that he caught, of course I remembered to capture that moment.

Thank you so much everyone for lifting me up with your virtual trophies. How inelegant of me to request them, I know. But I sure am happy to have such a full trophy case, and so many wonderful friends to bolster my spirits. Thank you all so much. I feel very loved and appreciated.


clarice said...

This was such a sweet story. I loved
He'd pay the "cents", I'd pay the "dollars. too cute. Thank you for sharing it. Clarice

Tracey said...

What a wonderful Auntie you are!!!! And Seth is just a doll!

June said...

The sweets party sounds like so much fun and I'm glad it all worked out for everyone.

In regard to your worry over requesting our support--I think it takes much courage to ask for help when you need it--even if that help comes in the form of virtual trophies. There's no shame in that. I wish everyone would be so honest in saying they have a need--no matter what form that need might take. Good for you! You deserve all the loving trophies your blog readers handed out.

tricia said...

What a wonderful memory you created for Seth!

Anna said...

What a sweet 'sweets' story! Although, I've always rather liked those popcorn jellybeans. . .