Saturday, September 9, 2006

feeling fortunate?

I made something fun for the sidebar today. I hope you like it.

What is it? It's a random positive fortune creator...everytime you visit or refresh your screen, the fortune will change. Just a little something to brighten your day.

Got a fortune for me? Email it to me.


Anonymous said...

ok, that is so cool! it took me a
few seconds to realize the fortune
changes as the page it! and I also love your blog...I do feel FORTUNATE that I found it!

Tracey said...

:( I can't get it to work.

Tracey said...

Oh, I get it now...DUH...guess it would have helped if I READ the post. Cute!!!

deb said...

well aren't you the clever one! :)what a fun idea!

nava said...

I just wanted to mention that I love your blog; it's brings such a lift to my day when I read it!

runnergurl said...

That was the happiest little fortune ever.... Thank you.
: )

van said...

oh that's so sweet!
mine just said "Calm down, it's all good." and sweetie, that's really what i needed to hear, even if it's from a random neat thing.
thank you.

oh i'll comment on apron post just because.
A princess in deed! A new apron = happy feelings. always.

have a great week!

carlene federer said...

Love your blog, and that fortune cookie is the cutest thing ever!!!