Monday, July 16, 2007

hot stuff

Okay, I have some things to tell you.

First, maybe you heard of the house which exploded yesterday because the person was making fireworks in their garage? I think it made national news. That house is in my neighborhood.

I think I'll start packing.

Second, I have a bit of dishy to serve. I've looked around the 'net and didn't find anything about this local TomKat siting. I think it's my duty to tell you. They ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Tuscarora Mill last week. And there is a bit of local buzz (though I think yet unpublished) that they are purchasing a home in nearby Purcellville. If he or Katie ever show up at the cottage, we'll be sure to take pictures.

Third, Rich has been shopping for a television set for over a year. He has been visiting his top choices at various stores, studying them, reading up on them in his beloved Consumer Reports. He learned fast not to ask me what I thought...I'm dazzled by them all. He finally bought it this weekend, since his first choice is discontinued and is seriously marked down.

It'll be delivered tomorrow. I'll show you the wonderful new piece I bought to put it on tomorrow after we get it all set up.


Junie Moon said...

I heard about the errant fireworks explosion all the way here in Tucson. How incredibly dumb of the folks making the fireworks and terribly scary for your entire neighborhood. I'm so glad you are okay.

Anonymous said...

My friend....for years we have been talking on the phone (sometimes daily) and you say to me, "Ok, I have something to tell you." So when I read your blog tonight I felt right at home with your opening..."I have somethings to tell you." It made me wish we talked today....Talk to ya tomorrow My Friend! XXOO

Saucy said...

Don't pack up! Where will all the littles for Club Little House end up?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an exciting neighbourhood, the fireworks incident sounds insane though I don't think it's the first.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, TomKat right here in our metro area? I've even been to the Tuscarora Mill restaurant--so this is what they mean by 6 degrees of separation!

Abby Kerr Ink said...

What is it with houses blowing up lately? The house next door to mine exploded and burnt to a crisp just two weeks ago (this is in Canton, Ohio). An excavating company was digging for a new driveway and hit a gas line. Miraculously, no one was hurt--not the workers, not the family (no one was home), not even the family dog, who was with a neighbor for the day so she wouldn't bother the workers with her barking. It's strange to look out and see no house where a house once was. Fortunately, our neighbors are going to be okay--they have had overwhelming support from family, friends, and the community, and they are starting over.

I'll tell you what: the first night I went to bed after they lost their house was the first night I can say I felt truly GRATEFUL for having a home to sleep in. Puts things in perspective, doesn' it?

Thanks for your always entertaining posts. :)

Missy said...

I saw that on the news... the local news! I just moved up here, and didn't realize that I must be near you! I am going to look up the cottage and may pop by one of these days!