Monday, November 13, 2006


Seth's birthday is coming up soon. When I was talking with him on the phone the other day, he asked me if I had already gotten a gift for him. I haven't.

He said that he would look through the "toy magazine" and find something for me to get him. After much wooing and ahhhing, and ruling out some very expensive or very inappropriate options, he found the one.

He said he wanted a Slurpee machine because he wants to open his own 6-Eleven.


Tatterededge said...

OH. MY. GOD. Where pray tell can I buy this? This is my dream come true. I have always told my husband I WANT a slurpee machine!! Please tell me where you found it!!

Amy said...

It's from warned has terrible reviews. I'm definitely going to test it first to make sure it works. :)

AnastasiaC said...

What an ambitious little man! thats wonderful!
the slurpee machine sure looks fun!

crazycatladymel said...

Oh dear. Santa will need to bring one of those to our house for Christmas. Hubby looooves Slurpees. (Toys R Us?)

Of course, I love Slurpees/frozen drinks too. One of my fondest memories from our Toronto honeymoon was the frozen cherry Kool-aid at the movie theater.

Kim (olivejuice) said...

Now that's a little boy after my heart. What a little cutie pie! Be sure to update us and give us a little review of your own. :)