Thursday, November 3, 2011

look! it's me!

Can I just tell you how excited I am to be featured in the pages of Matthew Mead's Holiday Magazine? And now that it's on the newsstands, I can't stand it! I'm so excited! I saw it at Walgreen's and I bought it. I saw it at my grocery store and I bought another copy! I bought two issues online (on top of the two Matthew graciously sent over) My sweet parents went to their nearby B&N to pick up a copy and they told everyone in the store (and in JoAnn's next door) all about how their "baby girl is in this magazine!"

If you see it while you're out running your errands, maybe you'd like to pick up a copy and declare to everyone all around "Hey, I know this girl!"

Or maybe you can just quietly buy the expanded version online and whisper it to your cat.

Or maybe you're feeling a bit lucky? Leave a message below telling about your own brush with fame and you might win one of the copies that I'm collecting. The best story, as determined by Rich and Alfredo over dinner tomorrow night, wins!

However you get your mitts on it, you really should. It's an amazingly lovely magazine. And I'm just so proud to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, we're in the homestretch with my own magazine, the Christmas issue of Inspired Ideas. Just a few finishing touches and minor adjustments and it'll be ready for you. Pictured above is my new favorite fuel...I've managed to go through all 18 k-cups of hot apple cider in about a week. By golly, it's good!

Can't wait to hear all about your fame and glory...


Alice said...

Hey, I know this girl! Congratulations on being featured in such a great magazine! The little grocery store in our town is the only place that sells magazines,and they don't carry this one. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in the city (unless I'm lucky enough to win a copy).

I've had two brushes with fame, if you could call it that. The first was in high school when my design of the mascot for the new gym floor was chosen. Every time I went to a game I beamed with pride. But the floor was torn up within a year because it was rubber instead of wood, and was causing injuries.

My second brush with fame came more recently when a photographer wore a necklace I made to a photo shoot for the then new New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas. The necklace was so well liked it ended up on the model during the shoot and was on all the brochures. Unfortunataly there was no mention in the brochure where the necklace came from.

Whosyergurl said...

Amy, I saw that you were to be featured in the mag on the website and I admit I did think "I know her!" :-)
My "brush" with fame...I went to an Elton John concert with another couple. The woman's younger (age 14?) stepsister was along...she begged one of us to go down to the stage with her. I said "I'll go." I was jumping and singing along (one of those times you think "I hope no one I know sees me...) and having a BLAST! Well, ever so often, Elton would reach down and shake hands with different people and he shook hands with ME! OMG. SO thrilling! My friend was not happy when I told her the story and I said "well, you could have gone, too." She said that was why she was so upset!
Love, Cheryl

Whosyergurl said...

P.S. I think I see that you mean MY brush with MY OWN fame...I'm a writer. I had a column in my hometown newspaper. Just a little human interest blog-type column...but when I went out in that town...oh, my. I was "famous." I still write for them and just did a piece for a locally produced magazine about meeting people in real life that you become friends with through blogging. silly me. xo, Cheryl

Grace said...

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful. Can't wait to see it. Grace xoox

My Brush with fame was meeting Candice Bushnell from Sex and the City. So Alfredo won't like my story) lol I told her I wanted to write a boook "no Sex in the City"! lol Maybe Alfredo would like it if you told him how I loved his spiderman PJ's in NC and that I love room service too! hahaha

Jennifer Hepler-Takens said...

I love it! YAY! I am your cheerleader!

Waterfall said...

How exciting! Congrats on your newfound fame!

Amy M. said...

Hmmm...I have never been famous myself but I have two good brushes with fame:

When I was little girl, I waited outside the stage door for Liza Minelli after a show. She was running to her limo but stopped and talked to me. (just me!)

Also, about 6-7 years ago, I met Al Franken in Denver. I love my cute liberals like Al Franken and Jon Stewart!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Congratulations Amy!
That is sooo cool! And I will tell everyone I show the magazine to that I KNOW THAT GIRL! Any little bit of personal fame comes from my blog 52 FLEA but I did once, many, many years ago get asked out to lunch by the famous race car driver Mario Andretti. (I figured Alfredo and your hubby would like that one!) I declined as I was a newlywed and was kind of insulted cuz he knew that! Those were the days! :)

Eileen said...

How exciting for you!! I hope I can find the magazine here. My brush with fame was meeting Nancy Zieman this summer. We were miniture golfing and she was in the group ahead of us. Only people who sew or craft can get excited about this when I tell them:)

Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

Does this count? My husband and I were in the Nassau, Bahamas airport waiting for a flight many years ago... my husband went to the restroom and stood in the urinal adjacent to (drumroll, please)GOMER PYLE. Ok, unimpressed? My dad played baseball when he was a little boy on a team with (drumroll, please) FESTUS HAGIN from Gunsmoke. Oh, it's an exciting life I lead. :)

kandeland said...

I saw it today when I went to Walgreen's before work! I was browsing through it and there was your beautiful smiling face! How exciting! love your projects too! that little hot air balloon with the thimble is so sweet! congrats Amy!
xo natalea

Unknown said...

Hi Amy! Congratulations! How exciting! I'll have to get over to my local store and buy a copy;D As for my brush with fame, I guess that would be when I met you at TCC this year. You were just as sweet in person as you are on your blog;D

Again, congratulations and enjoy!

Danee said...

I bought Mathews Mag based on your comments and another blog I read-can't remember which-and I have to say I think your mag is more impressive. He has pretty pictures but I really just wasn't all that inspired. This is the second issue i have bought and…eh….your mag has projects that are interesting not just pretty photos. It is like Victoria magazine. I wish i lived in it but there isn't much I can actually do something about.

I would love for you to check out my blog ( and see if there is anything that interest you for an upcoming issue of your mag. Right now it is all Halloween but if you like my aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Amy!

I was on Romper Room...but does anyone even know about that TV show any more?! :-)

miss lynn said...

oh yeah, i have a great
story. this one time, i
was at silver bella, and
i got to sit and
hang out with FAMOUS AMY
so not even joking!!!!
big time happy event
in my little life!

Heidi said...

How exciting for you, Amy! I know how much work you put into your projects, and though you make thing look easy it does take time and expertise! Lucky Matthew Mead to have you in the issue!

My fame brush with fame like Miss Lynn above me... My projects have been included in your WONDERFUL Inspired Issues! Nothing could top that! Seriously!
Happy Weekend, Hugs, Heidi

Anonymous said...

I bought the magazine today, thumbed thru it in the checkout line, and said THIS ONE IS MY FRIEND!
I really did.

My brush with fame is being Princess Lasertron's mom :)

MoniCue said...

I was all set to tell you about my brush with fame when Betz White taught me personally how to correctly make an angled corner on a bag...but you mean MY fame! Well, part of my freelance life includes teaching financial literacy courses in area grade schools, and I get a huge kick out of the students recognizing me in all kinds of places--the pool, the fair, trick or treating--"You're The Bank Lady! Hi, Bank Lady!" My 10 yo believes I AM famous. :)

suesueb said...

So excited for you!! Love the magazine and can't wait for your Christmas Inspired Ideas to come out!

I know how exciting it is~I was published in a doll quilt book that just came out (Pretty in Patchwork) along with some great designers . It feels pretty awesome!

Janet said...

My only brush with fame is raising 3 daughters!!! If that doesn't make a mom famous, I don't know what will... love your blog you truly INSPIRE me.

Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

Genie said...

so excited to see you in one of my favorite magazines. what a treat to find you both on the news stand.

janey jennings said...

Congrats Girlfriend! Saw the magazine yesterday!
Already knew you were ausome, but so exciting to see your face! You so deserve this. Miss seeing you this year in Omaha, I know we'll meet again.
So much Love To You!

Anonymous said...

How fun & exciting to be in Matthew Mead's magazine - he is an incredible designer (his touch is in so many of my home decorating magazines) - love his style. I don't have the Holiday magazine yet so it would be great to win.
Let's see my brush with the 90s I had photos of my miniatures diorama in the Barbie Bazaar magazine (no longer in existence, miss it). I'm a Barbie doll collector & have the little Kelly dolls, too. In the magazine they featured a section on doll dioramas & asked for submissions. Well, I had my own set up of a Kelly doll citrus & lemonade stand set in a bookcase...a large wooden fruit crate housed the scene with mini lemon trees I made, tiny fruit labels on little boxes, the girls & boys dolls were all really was adorable. I submitted my photos and lo and behold it was included in the magazine with my name (no pic of me does that count?). It was my 15 seconds of fame. lol.
I loved that little diorama that paid homage to the land I live on (once orange/lemon groves were abundant years ago) of these days I'll unearth it from storage and find a place for it.

Lucy said...

Hmmm...brush with fame...If you mean who we've met...well, there's ME at the glorius June 2011 workshop...where I met YOU too!
And then there's my brush of fame with Jerry a restaurant...the hostess sat my friend and I before him! But, Jerry Springer...really...YUCK! As a preschool teacher, I did meet children's author, Denise Fleming, In The Small, Small Pond! I attended a workshop she presented on demonstrating her paper making techniques she uses to illustrate her books.
Way cool! Congratulations on your notoriety!

Colleen said...

omg...I love this. You are too adorable. I'm so happy for you for all the "fame" you have earned through hard work, determination and a love of art. Congrats!!

Colleen said...

p.s. I ADORE your spice tin shadow boxes.