Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elf tags from Mary!

I think the page of elf tags available to print (by the one and only Mary Engelbreit) alone is worth the price of the magazine. Aren't they so adorable?!

Look for these tags in the Christmas 2011 issue of Inspired Ideas...get your copy here. Just $3.99!

Speaking of Mary, she's hosting her amazing workshop this weekend in her studio in St. Louis. If you live anywhere close to there, you should go. I think there's still room and you deserve the treat of crafting side-by-side with kindred spirits. Register here.

Also, Mary has just announced something so fun...Club Mary! It's an exclusive insider club. I treated myself as an early Christmas gift. And I'm hoping we get a member badge and a decoder ring. You can join here.


Amy M. said...

I got the e-mail about Club Mary yesterday and I joined up! I agree...we definitely need member badges and decoder rings!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Alice said...

Leave it to Mary to come up with these darling elf tags! Thanks for sharing!

Mary engelbreit said...

Hhmmmm, decoder rings.... I'll have to give that some thought, because I want one too! Amy, your new website looks fabulous, and, not sure if I told you this yet, but the cover of this issue is my favorite so far! I'm honored to be included!

Mitzi said...

Those little elves are so adorable and cheerful! I love 'em!

Mitzi said...

I love those cheerful little elves!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I just ordered your magazine!
I cant wait to see it!
Thank you and have a good night!