Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a big little project

I have a really big but really small project that I'm planning. It has taken some convincing to get Rich to agree (and I'm not sure he has fully agreed) but here's what I want to do....

I would like to install a dollhouse door (or a fairy door...from here) on one side of our hallway wall...and on the other side, accessible by a closet, fit a dollhouse room box. I've been wanting to do this forever...and Pat's miniature Christmas (in the Christmas issue of Inspired Ideas) was just the inspiration I needed to push forward. (In other words, I've been working earnestly to convince Rich that it's a good idea and that we can do it)

My hope is that we can get it installed in the next couple of weeks and have it all decked out for Christmas. So here's a whole lot of fabulous miniature Christmas inspiration, courtesy the wonderful world of Mercedes' Liberty Biberty...

Here's her "country" house, all decked out for Christmas. Isn't it lovely?

I am crazy for all the detail!

There's a sweet little family, the Nylons, that lives in this house.

Here's a scene from the kitchen...doesn't Mom look ever so patient?

Daddy's home! What a sweet homecoming!

Can you get over how adorable this is?

Here's Christmas in another one of Mercedes' miniature spaces, "the barn"

And here's Christmas at "the cottage"...

I spy a tiny issue of Matthew Mead's magazine...

Mr. Nylon is looking cozy, perusing a tiny copy of Flea Market style!

Are you feeling as inspired as I am? All of the photos are used with permission from Mercedes' fabulous blog Libery Biberty.


dimaier said...

holy moly! it wasnt until the third photo that i realized it was miniature!!

debi said...

I love your fairy door idea! How wonderfully creative and fun!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

I can't wait to see your little room! You do have a very understanding husband!
Hmmm, I'm feeling in the mood to start something Christmassy now, thanks!

Amy M. said...

I hope you get it done! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Lucy said...

At Walmart...of all places...I saw some CUTE tiny bottle brush Christmas trees. They are in the Christmas the Walmart Christmas villages.
Many years ago I received an old doll house from neighbors. I intend to make it a Christmas house in the spirit of my late Grandmother's Christmas house. One of these days I'll start my dream!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Amy!

Whosyergurl said...

wow, Amy. That would take a lot of patience! Having a doll house is something I would love to have...someday. Maybe with little miss, now. (My granddaughter.)
xo, Cheryl

SusannaT said...

ok.. so it looks like I'll need to clean up Esther's house so I can deck it out for Christmas! I have soem lovely Christmas goodies I got from mercedes last year in our advent calendar swap.
And to boot I have seasonal lovelies from our club little house swap :)

I l.o.v.e. your idea for the fairy door... my fairy door (with no view of the inside) is in the laundry room.. I'm thinking she is the mischevious kind who hides socks... :P

Fursdon House said...
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Fursdon House said...

The minature bug must be in the air! I've just created a new blog, devoted entirely to my "Cabinet" Doll House. I initially wrote about it here( But having my first granddaughter (with sweet but destructive little hands) put it on hold for several years. She's 9 now though and about two weeks ago, the miniature bug bit me again so I decided to create a whole blog devoted to it: ( It's still in its infancy, but I'm having such fun! Well, must run now! Want to check out Libery Bibery's blog!! Thanks for all your inspiration! Looking forward to your Room Box! With Love and Blessings Jan

Marina said...

I just painted a doolhouse door that I will put up tomorrow as a surprise for the kids. We have had a household pixie for years but this year the little guy is moving all in.

Lovely pictures.