Friday, July 2, 2010


These vintage beauties had been in my shopping cart over at etsy for a while. I'd almost forgotten about them...

Today, I fell off the no-frivolous-spending wagon that I've been on pretty much since April 15 and bought them.

I can't wait to have them fitted with my prescription lenses. I especially love the shape. And the rhinestones. What do you think?

 Oh, and check it. The same seller has a pair of vintage cat eyes too.

And while I was off the wagon, I was on the verge of a binge. I bought this...

I just think it is so beautiful. She has an etsy shop but, for a limited time, if you buy it from her online shop and use the code NEST, you'll get 20% off. It's her birthday this week and she's celebrating by giving us a great deal.

I can't wait to get is so lovely.

Sometimes, girls just gotta have fun. (And since I paid for it with my Paypal winnings, maybe it's not such a bad thing)

Hope you have an excellent fourth! Happy Birthday America!


colleen said...

I couldn't resist that necklace and just ordered one for myself! I'll just call it a birthday gift for America that I am keeping in its honor.

m i c h e l l e said...

Those glasses are SENSATIONAL!!!

debi said...

Amy, those glasses are fabulous! They'll be sooo cute on you!

That necklace is a beauty too...LOVE the colors!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Oooh what fun finds, bet you can't wait to get them.

{Happy Homes} said...

Those frames are BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen such a cool shape...and the rhinestones, well they are the bomb!!

I've never seen such a pretty colorful necklace...went shopping right away!

Linda said...

The necklace is so summery and the glasses so unique! Great finds!

carikraft said...

THOSE GLASSES ARE SO TOTALLY YOU!!!! Yes, I just yelled that! Can't wait to see you wearing them!

miss you!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, those glasses are going to be soooo adorable on you! (I'm wee bit jealous, because I can't pull off that look-- and I love it so much!)
That neclace is so wonderful-- such yummy colors, I could almost lick it. But I won't.