Wednesday, July 7, 2010

snack trays for the trip...

I made a snack tray each for Alfredo, my mom and my dad. This one is for my father. My mother is diabetic so hers is a bit different. And Alfredo's has a few less candy bits.

My favorite thing in there are s'mores goldfish...there are graham cracker ones, chocolate ones, and teeny tiny marshmallow ones! So cute...and so fitting for our trip.

It seems that even though I have so much packing and planning to do today, I'm already getting distracted and sidetracked. I've spent the morning filling these boxes but then surfing the web and wasting time. Back to work...laundry, mostly. Our dryer seems to be on the fritz and is taking hours to dry each load. :(


Alicia A said...

What a great idea for snacks! A delight for the eyes and yummy too. You rock Amy! Enjoy the 70 degree weather for me, I'm wilting over here in Delaware in the 100's as well. Have a safe trip.

Merci-Notes said...

Ii agree! This is soo clever and may I please come... I could meet you in Kalamazoo! hee.
If you take a bike ride around the Island OR through the middle .. well, be prepared the mode of power is horse power.
ok,ok. You are going to have such a great time! Petosky State Park and Harbor Springs, and a little town of Empire which has ( or did ) a cute little swimming spot ... warm water, sand AND MINNOWS to tickle Alfredo's toes. You drive into the parking lot and on one side is Lake Michigan and the other side of the parking area is this wonderful swimming spot.
I LOVE the west side of Michigan... It is such a lovely drive if you take Red Arrow Highway OR the Blue Star.... but this may be out of your way especially with a young Alfredo.

Well I am so happy for you and wish you the most wonderful vacation!

With Kindness,

vivian said...

what a sweet treat box! You always have the neatest ideas!
have fun!!

Whosyergurl said...

aw. I wanna go on a trip with you!
You are so very thoughtful!
Always so organized and every detail thought out.
My dryer too, it seems, takes forever.
I dry what I can outdoors on the line.
I'll deal with it when I "HAVE" to.
xo, Cheryl

Jennifer Stewart said...

You are just the cutest thing ever! I LOVE This idea. Your blog is so fun. I've had the best time sitting here reading it and catching up with you. :) Thank you for being you!


Anonymous said...

You make everything an occasion for fun, and I admire that so much about you. You are a great mom! And daughter! Have fun.

Queen of Tides said...

I absolutely love your treasure trove of snacks! We road trip frequently and I'm going to try this on the next one, won't the kids be surprised!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
My name's Amy too. :) I really enjoy your blog. If you're at all interested in seeing mine it's & it's dedicated to inspiring others.
With your permission, I would like to link your blog to my site & vise versa if your at all interested.
I wish you the very best, & thank you for sharing your great stories. :)

Amy Croson

Valarie said...

Amy....I have a confession. I copied you on this idea. We took our 3 Grands to Disney, and I made them each their own tote bag, and put a box of treats in each one. They didn't get them until we got on the plane, and boy were they a hit. It kept a 3, 4 and 8 year old happy and quiet. Thanks for the fab idea.

martha brown said...

I'm going to make one of these for Ray when we come home from Phoenix together :)I guess that Maija will have to take me candy shopping!
I don't even have a dryer. I hang EVERYTHING. It's an environmental thing.... no air conditioner either. I may have to change my mind about that one though. It's stinkin hot here.

Dori Patrick said...

What a clever idea!!! Things like this make travelling even more special! What fun! My hubby, who is the best ever, prepared our family for a long car trip by surprising us with goodies/books/etc in the compartments nearest to us in the car! For example, in my son's compartment, there were comic books, doodle pads, a kid's atlas, gummy bears, etc. It was such a thoughtful gift and made our trip even more fun!

Cindy said...

This is the coolest idea ever....especially for 4 little boys (except if they knock it over). I have never, ever seen something so novel!