Monday, April 19, 2010

matchbox for Haiti by Hand

I decided to make an extra of  the matchboxes for Heather's swap to donate to Rebecca's Haiti by Hand. Want to see what's inside?

A little felt nest pin*
A real speckled quail's egg (hollowed)

A glittery bird clip

A tiny bird charm on a bit of vintage lace

A glittery tag

A stacked pin

And a tiny needlefelted bluebird.

All in this matchbox I embroidered. You can buy it for $25 over here. (All of the $25 will go directly to help people in Haiti rebuilding their lives)

SOLD (thanks!)

There are some other matchboxes from the swap at the Haiti by Hand shop too, including my swap partner Lynn...check them out!

*Betz White taught me how to make this nest pin.


Kateyed said...

darn...that was sold in a flash! You did a beautiful job, Amy. Each little piece is so creative. I would have bought it in a flash!!!

Waterfall said...

Those are adorable! So glad you could use your talents to help raise money for a good cause!

jillyellow said...

Hi Amy! This is adorable and so wonderful that your giving to the people of Haiti. I just started following your blog and it makes me so happy! I just posted something about giving to Haiti on my blog yesterday...Check out my last 2 posts!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh that ws the sweetest little bird collection ever !

Jewelry said...

I am so glad you were able to make this and have this time. Your tiny needlefelted bluebird is gorgeous and I LOVE love love LOVE them.

AG&Sons said...

Hi Amy wonderful creation of the little bird collection . I really like this collection. I know what is the means of creation because of i am also a jewelry Designer.