Thursday, April 15, 2010

listening to the sky

On our walk today, I heard a low-flying plane and I remembered something I hadn't thought of in a very long time. Two things, really.

Parachuters used to jump across the river from where I grew up. Still do, as a matter of fact. When we were out in the yard playing and heard a low-flying plane, we'd look up to see how many parachutes we could count, picking out which was our favorites. They filled the sky like confetti, colorful and tiny. It was hard to imagine that there was a real person tied to the end of each of those specks.

I remember being really nervous for each speck, thinking a slight breeze would blow them off course, landing them wrongly into the water or high in a tree, or on our roof. I must admit though, I really wanted one to land on our roof. I couldn't imagine anything more exciting.

We also listened to the sky for another sound back then. If we heard a helicopter, chances were it was my cousin. He was a helicopter pilot and whenever he was near our town, he'd circle down low and wave down to us. We'd yell into the house and my mother and father would run out to greet him, too. We never knew when it would happen and it was the most exciting thing that ever happened in our backyard. I loved how special I felt. Then quick as he buzzed down, he'd be off again.

I don't know why my mind went to these two facts about my childhood today. Nor why I felt compelled to share them with you. I still hear that airplane buzzing about and I can't help but search the sky for brilliant little specks.


Kathryn Dyche said...

Love the post, what wonderful childhood memories.

TheEnchantedLocket said...

Great story, made me smile. :)


gwen said...

those are such lovely memories. especially about your cousin. so sweet of him to do that, i remember how it was to have someone wave at you as a kid -- such a small thing but so exciting!

Whosyergurl said...

Aren't the senses wonderfully handy to bring back memories to us once again?
Hug you,

maryann said...

loved this! so glad you shared it!

Boracay accommodation said...

Wonderful story. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Hello, My Friend~~So sorry to hear about your tax woes--ick. But you are doing the positive thing and counting your blessings which are many. One of my blessings is to know you. I adore the book The Help and know you will love it too!~~~XXOO, Beth

Leanne said...

i have a similar reaction...only that helicopter pilot was my dad. every kid in the neighborhood knew it too...he would fly over and buzz us. my heart would nearly burst everytime. when i left home he still managed to do it. while i lived at the university he would do a loop around my building whenever he was passing through town. now i still get the same feeling of love whenever one is zipping over head.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy,

Checking in with you and sorry to read about your tax situation... That really stinks but your positive attitude is so incredible. Things will get better.



Anonymous said...

Great story about the parachutes. I grew up near a small airport and LOVED to see all of the parachutes falling down against the backdrop of Mt Rainier. I always wanted someone to land in our field ... but never even thought about on the house! Thanks from bringing back those memories!

Diane T.

ps...we were in the same boat with taxes this year. no new shoes for awhile!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I am imagining I am there with you, a young girl in her backyard listening for the sound of motors in the air. Wonderful imagery!

janjan said...

If your bucket is empty it just means its ready to be filled again. Making room for the new.

Sending blessings your way.


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Sweetie~ Was just catching up on your last few posts. Well, dear I want to encourage you some how. Those unexpected things just happen and they throw us a curve. Ya know what, somehow I'm not sure how except for the grace of God...we make it. I always look at things to try to figure out if there is some lesson to make me a better person or give me some new insight. Sometimes there is and sometimes I dont get it untill way down the road after I have moved on and forgotten what a fret I was in. Hold onto your faith my sweet. God is so good and full of abundance. I'm sure you will be blessed back double what was lost.
Hugs to you and little Alfredo!

MomWaldsPlace said...

We grew up near a small airport, and the sound of small airplanes still means summer to me.

I've never met anyone with airplane memories like this before. I thought I was the only one!