Tuesday, January 12, 2010

making a list

I have lots of stuff going on...trying to keep a level head, stay organized and efficient.

1. Alfredo's birthday is Friday...his birthday party is Saturday. I have a lot to do to get ready for the party.
2. His father arrives Thursday morning from California. I'd like for the house to be as clean as it can be without any danger zones (rooms or closets where I wouldn't want him to open the door) but I think I'll have to get real about that.
3. I need to get my tutorials all ready for the guest spot over at Teresa's ezine.
4. I'm doing a Valentine swap and need to get that ready. Am hoping to make a couple little things for the box...including maybe a little needlefelted thing.
5. Excited about Charlotte's class at the end of next week and am working on little gifts. (Did I tell you that both my sisters and my mother are coming too?!)

Today, I'm going to:
1. Clean and organize the craft room/studio.
2. Make treat bags for the party and work on one of the game ideas. It's a safari theme party and I'm going to make animal tracks for the children to follow to find the animal that made them.
3. Order catering for the adults for the party. This was actually Rich's suggestion and I think it's brilliant...one less thing for me to worry about.

And, if there's time...
4. Clean and organize the office.

You know things are serious when I start making lists! I rarely make lists...only when I have too many pots to tend to. That's about how I'm feeling now.


Suz said...

You are one busy lady, dear Amy! What a long list! I have been dragging a bit and not getting anything done. Just staring at the things for my Valentine boxes and wondering how I will put them together.

I am anxiously awaiting Teresa's e-zine to open tomorrow and cannot wait to see the projects you do. I know it will be something sweet and special.

Alfredo's birthday...what fun! I am always for catering for the adults. Yay, Rich!

I hope your snow has melted out there and you are having better weather. We are still about two feet high but it is due to melt today.

Did I tell you my husband opened the red and white twine from your store and said, "WHAT is THIS?" I had to think fast...tell him how popular it was, good for both Christmas and Valentines Day, good for swaps, and very cheap!!!! He thought that I wouldn't finish the roll for about ten years.

Have a nice busy day and don't forget some time for fun and relaxation. Put it on your list...heehee!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Don't forget to take a picture of him holding the open gift w/ his friend in it. I've seen several parents do this and it's a way to visually remember and capture who gave what gift. This will be especially important to him later in life, too. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm not making sense - a pic of him holding the opened gift and his friend who gave it posing with him! :)