Monday, January 25, 2010

a cute little penguin

Debbie, a friend I met at Silver Bella and again this weekend at Charlotte's, made Alfredo this adorable little penguin. I thought it would be fun to have a little movie of him playing with it so you can see how much he loves it. Thank you Debbie. It's wonderful.
I'm a little late getting these out...this is a peek at the Valentine matchboxes for Heather's swap.

Valentine's is favorite holiday, second only to my birthday. Alfredo and I are going to be making some Valentines this week. Do you want to be on our list?


natalea said...

love the boxes Amy! and yeah I want to be on your list! hehe!
I LOVE Valentine's Day too. I love decorating for it...there's just something about it...
Hope all is well and you and your cutie pie have fun! xox natalea

Candi said...

I wanna be on your long as its not the naughty list. haha. I love spreading the love on Valentine's Day....

Saucy said...

I never really thought about Valentine's Day until Loopy was born one week before. Now, it is one of my favourite times of the year.

PSssst... we would love to be on your list of sweetheart friends.


The French Bear said...

What charming little Valentines!!! Oh you know I would love to be on that list!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful time at your workshop with your sisters and your Mom. That must have been such fun!!!
I saw your photo on Laura's blog(52 Flea), she was so happy to be crafting with your gals!!!
Sounds like it was a blast!
I am going to work on my little quilt kit I purchased from you, I love it!
Thanks again!
Margaret B

Suz said...

Really, really, really cute matchboxes! The things inside look so tummy...such wonderful colors and cute details. I just got mine out, too, so you have company!
I think these swaps have helped me fall in love with the holidays all over again. I felt just like a fourth grader making my little boxes!

You did a super job with your project this morning in Teresa's e-zine. Gosh, I love it. I actually went out and bought embroidery thread and all kinds of pretty things to do embroidery. I remember loving it as a child and teen. I wasn't GREAT but it is such a calming activity and gave me a lot of pleasure.

Can't imagine anything sweeter than a valentine from you and Alfredo...


Jill said...

Those matchboxes are wonderful-- I love every sweet detail!
Hugs, Jill
PS: I would love a valentine from Alfredo-- even if it's a virtual one!

Lynne said...

Valentines are so much fun! How 'bout a swap? How fun would it be for Alfredo to get Valentines from near and far?
hugs to you both!

Amy M. said...

Who wouldn't want to be on THAT valentine's list?!!! Of course, we do. Noodlebug and I are making valentines this week as well.

Crafting by Candlelight

Seitvonzu said...

seriously-- why would anyone say no to such an offer? lu & i are off to texas for a week on friday, but i think we definitely need to work on valentine's when we get back. i think we'd still have time :) my favorite holiday is easter and i was SO happy to see some easter stuff out at michaels today!

lynnk said...

valentines day is my favorite holiday - a love passed down by my mom!
i would love to be on your list - even if its virtual!!

love. love. love! your sweater bag - oh so sweet!
blessings to you all!

Signs and Salvage said...

I LOVE those matchboxes!!! I want to be on the list too:) Your Valentines are inspiring me for sure...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!


Claudia said...

Love the matchboxes! I would love to be on your Valentine list.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those boxes and the cute wee man's Penguin too. And "Yes Please", I'd love to be on your list. Your blog is so pretty, I love it x

Mary-Catherine said...

Oh, Amy Isabella and I would love to be on your list! I still have my beautiful little card you gave me when I was pregnant, it is in a little frame in Bella's room :)