Monday, October 5, 2009

mrs. pennywhistle

Meet Mrs. Pennywhistle.

And her dog, La Luna.

I bought this sweet little creature and her pet at Kim's Artistic Affaire's Vendor Soiree from Julie Haymaker Thompson.

She is one of my favorite things in the whole world. When I saw her, and especially when I discovered that she's a music box (the kind that you crank to operate), I had to have her. Actually, all I could think is that I wanted Alfredo to see her too.

And now she is one of his favorite things too. (He named the dog!)


Amy M. said...

I love La Luna's tiara!!! And the fact that this marvelous creation is also a music box makes it extra special! What tune does it play?

Crafting by Candlelight

Suz said...

That is too quirky-cute, Amy! La Luna is a perfect name for the dog. I love it that Alfredo named her!

Kayla-Emily-Lucas said...

Wow it's a jewelry box?! Your son makes a sweet Rhino :) I hope your brother-in-law has recovered!!

Unknown said...

Oh sweets I am so glad you found her!!! Love the name you gave her and your blog every pretty!!

Jill said...

Mrs. Pennywhistle and la Luna are adorable! I love every little detail-- such a talented artist!

Danielle Muller said... found it????? so happy! where was it????