Friday, October 30, 2009

good gracious me

My guests are gone. My house is a wreck. And this is literally the first time I've rested in three days.

p.s. My washing machine broke at the worst time a washing machine could possibly break. Let's just say it involves poo-poo and a car seat cover and leave it at that.


Jill said...

Poo-poo happens. So sorry for you.

Susan said...

Aaah car seats. They are the worst. I think we're at the car wash way too often b/c of the boy who sits in ours.

Grace said...

Oooh you poor baby...wouldn't wash that at home anyway poopie stinks! lol Run to the Laundromat and relax get yourself some treat and sit there and listen to the hummmm of the machines and relax. Have a great Halloween! Grace

Anonymous said...

My plumbing blocked. It too involved a full bath tub, a floating poo-poo and 2 giggling toddlers! It is tough to get cross when you just want too giggle too, but really want the floater flushed into the sea! It wouldn't go down for 6 hours!

meleen dupré said...

oh amy!!!!

(i'll just leave it at that too!)


Lynne said...

welcome to our world, welcome to our world, welcome to our world of moms....!(apologies to the FAO Schwartz jingle writer)

Suz said...

Ah, yes...we have all been there. My favorite one was when Katie and her friend Megan were playing so wonderfully (at about aged three) and turned the fan sideways and pooped on it while it was going (picture yellow shag carpet, wallpaper...). Dianne and I were tempted to put them both in time out for an hour!!!

We still laugh about it. We do wonder if they had heard that old expression about the shit hitting the fan!!!

See you very, very soon!!! I am so looking forward to meeting you, Amy!!!


Maryann said...

Poor Amy! I pray things get all better soon! :)


charlotte said...

Have thought of you constantly....and hope it went well other than that mishap. Which is a rather icky one, but a minor thing in the big picture, right?
Can't wait to hear...xoxo

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh no!!!
I love jill's comment - poo-poo happens!!LOL

Anonymous said...


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